Our Royal Moms


Hayley Johnson, Staff Writer

Being away from campus right now is tough, and sometimes we could all use a little reminder of how great Rosary has been and will continue to be. Some Royal alumnae, like Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs. Ruffier, and Mrs. Ohlman have had the amazing opportunity to give their daughters the Royal experience, and they encourage us to stay positive and keep moving forward during these uncertain times. 

Once we get back on campus, it may be tempting to slip back into our old routines, not taking in all the little moments and special traditions Rosary holds. Mrs. Ruffier shares, “My favorite memory at Rosary would definitely be hanging out with friends at lunch time or laughing with them in the hallways between classes,” while Mrs. Hawkins reminisces about bigger traditions like Red and Gold and Rosary Day. “The beauty of both these traditions are the sisterhood bond they create,” she says, continuing, “Having role models and little sisters to work towards the same goal, truly a unique and beautiful experience.” The love both of these Royal moms have for the experiences they had and the Rosary traditions they shared, serves as a reminder to keep all the little things close to our hearts, especially when coming back to campus next semester.

Mrs. Ohlman and her daughter, Ryan Ohlman ’21 posing for a fun picture. Photo provided by Ryan Ohlman.

Although many of the experiences we were looking forward to for the rest of this year may not take place, Mrs. Ohlman reminds us that strength can be drawn from even the toughest of times. “This year, I hope my daughter’s confidence will continue to grow in her abilities as a student and as a person,” she shares, “The sky is the limit when you are proud of who you are and believe that there is nothing you can’t take on!” Mrs. Hawkins shares a similar sentiment, saying, “Beautiful moments can also be found in tragic times.” The confidence and positivity of these moms reminds us to stay strong and focus on the good that exists in the uncertainty of this situation.

Riley Hawkins ’20 and her mom at the Vatican. Photo by Riley Hawkins ’20.

Throughout the last few months, it has been nearly impossible to navigate our daily lives in our changing world. All of the Royal moms we spoke to offered their own words of advice:

“I think the best advice I can give is never think you are too cool to embrace the spirit and goofiness of giving your all when it comes to school spirit,” Mrs. Hawkins advises. “Enjoy the opportunities given to be a kid again during your time at Rosary, it’s what makes the best memories!”

Mrs. Ohlman adds, “The world seems to want us to speed things up, but there is no rush. You only get ONE high school experience, so live in the moment and make the most of it!”

Mrs. Ruffier, on the other hand, gives advice for when we are able to get back on campus in the coming months. “For current Royals,” she says, “I would definitely recommend trying clubs or subjects that are different than anything you’ve done before.” It is important to look forward to the things we’ll be able to do when we get back to school.

Now, more than ever, we are grateful to Royals like these who work to keep us going even when the whole world stops. We at the Royal Reporter wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to these and all Rosary moms.