Quarantine Birthday Gift Ideas

Photo provided by Pexels.com

Photo provided by Pexels.com

Grace Battaglia, Editor-in-Cheif

With many birthdays occurring in the midst of quarantine, it can be challenging to think of gift ideas when you can not see the person.

Lucky for you, the Royal Reporter has five awesome gift ideas to make the most out of a birthday celebration in quarantine.

  1. A special shirt to help them remember this unique birthday:
    Unique birthday shirt. Photo provided by Foxxtee.com   



  2. “Quarantine Suucs” gift box. Enjoy some succulents!
    Trendy gift box. Photo provided by Etsy.com 


  3. An E-gift card so they can do online shopping
    Gift card. Photo provided by wallpaperflare.com


  4. A gift card to their favorite music or movie streaming service.
Three out of the many streaming service options. Photo provided by flickr.com

5. A Beignet-making kit

Cute Beignet making gift basket. Photo provided by Cafe du Monde

While a quarantine birthday might not be the best, we can definitely do our part to help those with quarantine birthdays enjoy their special day.