Marysol Cazarez: The Master Mask Maker


Masks for some Rosary Alumna. Photo by Marysol Cazarez.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

Because of Covid-19, face masks have been in high demand. They help prevent and slow the spread of the virus, specifically surgical and N-95 masks. Unfortunately, there are shortages on these types of masks, so people have resorted to using cloth masks. Not only are cloth masks accessible and reusable, but they are very simple and easy to make. To help with mask shortages, junior Marysol Cazarez has taken it upon herself to sew masks for anyone in need.

Marysol’s grandmother working alongside Marysol and her mother. Photo provided by Marysol Cazarez.

Since late March, Marysol has been making masks along side her mother and grandmother. All together, they have made over 600 hundred masks.

A wide variety of masks. Photo provided by Marysol Cazarez.

This all started when Marysol felt the need to help during this time in anyway she could: “I’ve always loved volunteering, and when the stay at home order was placed, I knew I had to do something,” she shared. After some research, she stumbled upon her old sewing teacher’s Facebook post, asking for anyone’s help in making masks. Marysol told her mom, and they immediately got to work, and they haven’t stopped sewing since.

Marysol makes ten masks a day on average and spends roughly 15-20 minutes on each, depending on how well the sewing machine is working. She uses a wide variety of fabric, including pink rainbows and dinosaurs (her personal favorite). Marysol sews masks for all healthcare workers or anyone who asks for them, and she is currently even making some for Rosary alumnae.

Marysol hand delivering masks to help flatten the curve. Photo provided my Marysol Cazarez.

After making masks, Marysol typically hand delivers them, or she gives them to her sewing teacher to drop off at the hospital. Her sewing teacher has a contact at the hospital that passes them out to the doctors and nurses. Marysol shared that she hopes to add a little light to their days by donating some fun masks. “I know doctors and nurses are really stressed and busy right now, so I want to make their days better by giving them fun masks to wear,” she stated.

Masks for some Rosary Alumna. Go Royals. Photo provided by Marysol Cazarez.

The Royal Reporter would like to thank Marysol for her hard work and dedication these past couple of weeks. Her efforts are not only protecting doctors and nurses, but they are helping fight off the virus, one mask at a time. If you are interested in learning how to make cloth masks, check out Rosary’s IG TV (@rosaryroyals) for a tutorial from Marysol herself.