Seniors and Their Views on No Finals


Mauriz jumping for joy because of no finals. Photo by Mauriz Stoddard

Maryann Compton, Staff Editor

Rosary Academy has decided to give seniors their last privilege: no senior finals. The Royal Reporter decided to go around and see what the seniors thought of this.

Senior Mia Huffman explains, “I’m super excited that seniors do not have finals this year. With everything that has been going on, I think our senior class is deserving of a little extra break from our exams. I also think that it’ll be great for seniors who have to study for AP exams, since they are much different now and they could use all the time they can get to study.”

No Finals! Photo by Maryann Compton

Senior Mya Hernandez also explains, “I’ve never really seen the point of finals. In the end, it either hurts our grades or keeps them the same. That is why I feel so blessed that finals are cancelled for seniors.”

Senior Isabella Pasino adds, “I can’t even imagine myself taking finals during this time. With everything going on, its really hard for me to study especially when my entire family is at home now.  Not having finals is a huge relief.”

In addition, Senior Natalie Tinkler says, “Thank goodness! Best news I’ve gotten during quarantine.”

Lastly, Mrs. Ward explains, “I am going to think of this as a gift. We will have the chance as a class to meet for the last time and do something fun. Normally finals mean that students take a test that freaks them out while I watch and then [they] leave, and it is the last time we are together. This year I am going to make it mean something.”

All the seniors are blessed to not have to worry about finals, and we couldn’t be happier about finals. If you want to let the Royal Reporter know your thoughts, leave a comment down below.