Memory Lane


Here is some crying photo inspiration. Photo by Riley Hawkins.

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that Rosary is a special place. All the memories made on tha campus are sacred to the girls who attend. Nobody knows this more than our seniors, the Class of 2020. Unfortunately, their senior year was cut short, but here are some of their favorite memories.

Senior Megan Kendall will never forget winning Red and Gold, “My life flashed before my eyes and it was the greatest feeling. It was really hard being on a different team from my best friend, but we both had fun. I know Red and Gold is something only Rosary girls truly understand, so I’m glad I can share that memory with my best friends.”

Senior Sophia Lambros’s favorite memory was winning her first league game. Rosary volleyball hadn’t won a league game in 8 years, and Sophia was honored to be a part of the team that made the difference: “It was such a beautiful moment. Everyone started screaming and hugging and crying and our coach didn’t yell at us. It was a win win.”

Play by play, Sophia was alll over the court. Photo by Mr. Ruffier

Senior Angela Magallon treasures when she bought her inflatable duckies for Red and Gold, “They are so special to me. It’s like a trophy, almost, even though we lost. We won in my heart, and in my duckies’ hearts.” Angela hopes she will have a reason to wear them again in the future. She believes they were a smart investment and advises anyone and everyone to purchase their own.

Angela pictured with her floaty family. Photo by Megan Kendall

Senior Melanie Beltran cherishes when she introduced her best friends that she made at Rosary to her best friends at home, Spike. Spike is her pet bird, “When they all met, it was like my two worlds collided. I wouldn’t trade that memory for the world.”

Melanie and Spike. Photo by Melanie Beltran

Personally, my favorite memory from all my time at Rosary was wining Homecoming Queen. My ego was so large and that was really the cherry on top. Now I’m unstoppable. And I could never forget how amazing Red and Gold was and making my best friends and literally every moment spent at Rosary, but that’s a given.

Riley and her crown. Photo by Riley Hawkins

We love you seniors! Stay safe and wash your hands.