Seniors: Then and Now

Seniors: Then and Now

Grace Battaglia, Editor-in-Cheif

Rosary seniors are preparing for their final stretch at the academy. In honor of their time at Rosary, here are a few of our Royals’ transformations from Freshman year to Senior year.


Hailey Moris looking fabulous, even after four years. Photos provided by Hailey Morris


Leslie Gomez transformed into a beautiful young lady. Photos provided by Leslie Gomez


Abbie Samaniego looking stunning as always. Photos provided by Abbie Samaniego


Amara Miranda looking drop-dead gorgeous. Photos provided by Amara Miranda


Melina Alsworth looks fabulous. Photos provided by Melina Alsworth


Mya Hernandez owning her beauty even though Dean Nanry would not allow that dyed hair at the Academy! Photos provided by Mya Hernandez


Megan Darling is a truly beautiful Royal. Photos provided by Megan Darling


Sofia Sigenfuse being breathtaking. Photos provided by Sofia Sigenfuse.


Melanie Beltran still looks amazing as always. Photos provided by Melanie Beltran

The class of 2020 has changed a lot in their last few years at Rosary. Not only have our seniors become beautiful young ladies on the outside, but also they have managed to become amazing women on the inside- which they could not have done without Rosary.