Seniors Are off to College


Kate Noden, Editor in Chief

The class of 2020 has not had a typical end to their senior year; however, nothing is stopping them from continuing their education at colleges across the country. Our Royals have worked tremendously hard to get into college and listed below are where some decided seniors are attending:

Natalie Tinkler– Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University for Natalie Tinkler
Photo Provided by Natalie Tinkler

Haley Haroutoonian – Texas Christian University

Paige Hesseltine – Texas Christian University

Isabella Passino – Texas Christian University

Maria Braatz continuing the family legacy at Gonzaga
Photo provided by Maria Braatz

Hailey Morris – Gonzaga University

Maria Braatz – Gonzaga University

Melina Alsworth – Gonzaga University

Nicole Rodriguez – Loyola Marymount University

Sofia Sigenfuse – University of Oregon

University of Oregon
Photo provided by Cailey Rembert

Cailey Rembert – University of Oregon

Caylee Santos – California State University, Los Angeles Basketball

Grace Battaglia – Chapman University

Daniela Moran – Chapman University

Melina Alsworth is going to Gonzaga
Photo provided by Melina Alsworth

Asia Avinger– San Diego State University (Basketball)

Emma Goggins – Boston College (Soccer)

Sophia Lambros -Boston College (Volleyball)

Megan Darling– University of Tampa

Kate Noden – Boise State University

Gabriella Mendoza – Hope International University (Golf)

Rory Brandon is going to Hawaii
Photo provided by Rory Brandon

Rory Brandon – University of Hawaii

Bryn Boznanski – University of Notre Dame (Softball)

Savanna Alvarado – San Francisco State University

Brianna Campos – San Francisco State University

Melanie Beltran – Concordia University

Melanie Beltran continuing on at Concordia
Photo provided by Melanie Beltran

Julia Oskorus – Santiago Community College

Mia Huffman – Cal Poly Pomona

Marie Brier – University of California, Santa Barbra

Grace Battaglia is going to Chapman
Photo provided by Grace Battaglia

Abigail Arrington – Kansas University

Lauren Riviere – California State University, Chico

Maryann Compton – Cal State Fullerton

There are many more decisions to come, yet we are so proud of all the seniors hard work this year and can not wait to see them continue their bright future next fall.