What’s Mrs. Jenkins Been Up To?


Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

Everyone in the Rosary community knows her as their beloved U.S or Women’s History teacher, but this year, Mrs. Jenkins has added yet another title to her name: mother to her newborn Annika Lillian Jenkins.

Annika has really taken a liking to her Bison themed crib and her Bison named Baxter.
Photo Provided By Mrs. Jenkins

As everyone knows, being a new mother can be rather difficult, but if anyone could handle being a mom, it is Mrs. Jenkins.

Even before the virus hit, Mrs. Jenkins was already busy with her two-month baby girl. She heartily commented, “Mr. Jenkins and I like to joke that we were already on baby hibernation and so this social-distancing is just more of the same for us.”

While on this “baby hibernation,” baby Jenkins has reached significant milestones that make each week a little more interesting for her parents. As of now, Annika can smile back and has discovered her hands and “is quite obsessed with them.”

Anyone who has ever met Mrs. Jenkins knows that she is very passionate about anything bison so there is no surprise that her baby’s crib is also Bison themed. Baby Annika has even taken a liking to Baxter her bison which makes Mrs. Jenkins incredibly happy.

It is very clear that each passing week has kept the Jenkinses very busy. Taking care of her baby and getting to know her at the same time can take a lot out of a mother; however, Mrs. Jenkins has been able to carve out time out of her busy schedule for some self-care.

According to Mrs. Jenkins, she has made time to take runs on her treadmill, read, and do some puzzling. Her husband and she have also tried squeezing some new home renovations whenever they have the time.

Recently, as CoVID-19 has changed many aspects of life including school, both Rosary students and teachers have been fortunate enough to see each other through their Zoom classes. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Mrs. Jenkins. After being gone for a little over two months, she still has not forgotten about her Royal family.

“As busy as I am I REALLY miss all of my students and fellow teachers and the Rosary campus which I consider my second home. I cannot wait to be back next school year”-Mrs. Jenkins