Rosary Students Dish on Pro Sports Being Postponed


Rosary students at a baseball game. Photo provided by Maryann Compton

Maryann Compton, Staff Editor

Before the Coronavirus hit, there were many professional sports ready to end or begin. However, since this pandemic, professional sports have put their season on hold, making a lot of sports fans sad. There have been a lot of sports events that have been postponed, including basketball, hockey, baseball, and football. The Royal Reporter asked students from the Rosary community their opinion of this situation.

Senior Nicole Rodriguez is a huge fan of baseball, and told the Royal Reporter, “The second worst part about quarantine after not being able to play basketball with my team, is the fact that they canceled all professional sports. The sport I am most sad about missing out on is baseball, because it is my first love and I love to watch the Dodgers. I can’t wait for it to come back because I look forward to going to Dodger Stadium with my family.

Nicole Rodriguez and her mom at a Dodger’s game. Photo provided by Nicole Rodriguez











Freshman Sarah Bradford is a fan of the Warriors and explains, “It’s pretty disappointing to have to watch these great athletes not being able to play the sport they love the most. I’ll especially miss seeing Steph Curry on the court, shooting his iconic 3 pointers. I really admire him since he’s the athlete that made me start to really love basketball.

Senior Gracie Battaglia loves hockey, and explains, “I am very bummed about the NHL season being postponed. Hockey is a big part of my family. We have had season tickets for the ducks since they became a team in 1993. Even while this may be, I know that this will make our first game back; whenever that is, a much more special and fun occasion.

Grace Battaglia and her boyfriend at a Ducks Game. Photo provided by Grace Battaglia

In addition, Junior Sofia Thomas enjoys watching the Olympics and sadly explains, “In all honesty, I am just grateful that they didn’t cancel the Olympics and make us wait another 4 years. However, I am going to miss watching all the different activities they have going on.”

Even though football season has not started yet, Mauriz Stoddard ‘20 explains, “If COVID-19 causes the football season to be pushed back, I am going to be very sad. I’m definitely going to miss my favorite players, as well as any new ones that join the team. I hope this virus goes away soon because I was really looking forward to going to different football stadiums and watching my favorite team, the Patriots, play.”

The Coronavirus has hit the Rosary community, and everyone else really hard, especially taking away a source of entertainment for all the sports fans out there. To view the entire list of sporting events canceled, check out ESPN.