Royal’s Favorite Quarantine Snacks


Marysol Cazarez '21 enjoying her favorite snack: GoGo Squeeze. Photo provided by Marysol Cazarez.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

With Covid-19 comes quarantine. With quarantine comes boredom. With boredom comes endless snacking. Snacking is inevitable when it comes to social distancing, and Rosary students are definitely partaking in it. Here are a few of Royal’s favorite quarantine snacks.

Daphne Ruffier ’21 considers herself to be snack connoisseur. From chips to fruit, Daphne loves it all. Her current favorite is the Trader Joe’s Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips Chile and Lime Flavored, or the “knock off” Takis. While they aren’t as spicy as real Takis, they’re just as good and addicting. Daphne also enjoys these chips because they’re from Trader Joe’s, which in her mind automatically means they’re healthier. Some of Daphne’s other favorite snacks include strawberries with cream-cheese dip, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and tortilla chips with salsa.

One snack that is very popular among Royals is Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips. Both Trista Verne ’23 and Kimi Wantanabe ’23 can’t get enough of these chips. “Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips are my go to snack because they’re so easy to eat, which can be dangerous at times. If I really wanted to, I could eat the whole bag in one sitting,” shared Kimi.

One of Trista Verne’s ’23 homemade mug cakes. Photo by Trista Verne.

Trista also loves snacking on mug cakes, which she makes in her microwave. Her favorite flavor is double chocolate chip, but she’s made various kind, including birthday cake and vanilla.

During quarantine, junior Marysol Cazarez rediscovered a life-changing snack: GoGo Squeeze Applesauce. One day, Marysol’s little cousin left a pack at her house, and Marysol decided to try it out. Now, she can’t get enough. “GoGo Squeezes are so addicting and satisfying to eat, and they’re healthier, which is always a plus,” shared Marysol. She also loves snacking on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, which may not be as healthy as applesauce, but it’s just as good.

Megan’s go-to snack. Photo by Megan Kendall ’20.

While senior Megan Kendall loves all snacks, she opted for some healthier snacks this quarantine. Her personal favorites are peach green tea and blackberries. Megan prefers blackberries because they’re sweet and crunchy, and she can eat a ton without feeling bad about it.

Like Megan, Emma Vasquez ’23 is also a huge fan of blackberries. “My go-to snack is grabbing a bowl and putting a bunch of berries in it, but specifically blackberries. Blackberries are arguably the best berry,” stated Emma. Aside from berries, Emma also loves munching on Cheez-Its. Her favorite flavor is white cheddar, but she also loves the original kind. Emma believes that Cheez-Its are a classic snack, and she would not make it through quarantine without them.

One of Emma’s favorite snacks. Photo by Emma Vasquez ’23.

While Royals all have their own favorite snacks, it’s easy to say that no one would make it through quarantine without them. From Daphne’s favorite “Takis” to Trista’s homemade mug cakes, Royals wi;; eat it all. If you’re hungry and have no idea what to eat, make sure to try some of the yummy snacks mentioned above.