It’s the Little Things


Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

As more and more time passes with everyone in quarantine, people have found ways to keep busy. Whether it’s by cooking up a new recipe or keeping their mental health in check, everyone has tried to adapt to their interesting living situations.

Nicole and her boyfriend make time to simply be with each other.
Photos Provided by Nicole Rodriguez

While taking care of oneself is certainly a priority, so is taking care of relationships with significant others. Everyone knows in order to keep a relationship alive, both partners must put in the effort to have their fellowship grow—even when staying six feet apart at all times is an issue.

Brooke and Connor Facetime every day and watch movies with each other to stay connected.
Photos Provided By Brooke Bowen

Here are some of the ways Royals have kept their relationships with their boyfriends alive.

Emma and Nick set time aside to do TicToks with each other.
Photos Provided By Emma Eyler
Juliana’s boyfriend, Andrew, surprises her with facetime dates.
Photos Provided By Juliana Maldonado

Brooke Bowen ’21 and her boyfriend Connor McClure ’21 have both put in the effort in keeping in touch with each other by face timing and watching movies together. Brooke and Connor had just started dating the week before quarantine began, but they have both spent as much time with each other as they possibly can.

Emma Eyler ’21 and her boyfriend Nick Rieth ’21 have stayed connected by playing board games together and even making TikToks. According to Emma, “It hasn’t been that difficult to stay connected because we still talk through social media [and] Facetime.”

Another couple, Juliana Maldonado ’20 and Andrew Dicrisi ’19, have also kept their relationship alive by Facetime and texting as much as they can. Although staying connected has not been difficult for Juliana and Andrew, not being able to hang out has been especially hard since the two “like to find new places to go or eat ([they] love trying new food places).”

Fortunately, these two have been able to find little ways and gestures to see and spend time with each other without breaking social restrictions. Both have dropped off food at each other’s houses. They have also been on Facetime dates where both of them got dressed up and talked over dinner. Juliana explained, “It was really fun because I mentioned the idea earlier that week and then he called me dressed in a suit.” According to Juliana, those little gestures are what keep each other going, and although times are especially hard, she said it best when she explained, “but this quarantine isn’t about us, it’s about keeping everyone safe.”

It is indeed about keeping everyone safe. Thankfully, the Royals in relationships have been able to keep the sparks flying in their relationships with the little things.

Senior Nicole Rodriguez’s boyfriend Kaleb works graveyard shifts at Ralph’s so it is especially hard for them to keep in touch. Although both of them are busy and their schedules conflict, like many other couples, they have carved out time to be with each other. One of Nicole’s favorite quarantine activities with Kaleb is simply watching him play video games and talking with him.

Brooke, Juliana, and Nicole have all found the magic in the little things of their relationships during this quarantine. It only takes a little bit of effort and willingness to grow together—even if you are apart.