A Quaratined Day With Mauriz Stoddard


Mauriz and her pennyboard. Photo by Mauriz Stoddard

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

COVID-19: a time where every day feels the same, and the days feel endless. However senior Mauriz Stoddard is determined to make every day fun and worthwhile. She explains, “Lately every day I seem to do everything the same. Stay indoors, go on Zoom for school, and binge watch all the netflix shows I can find. However, I am trying to stop this cycle and do something new every day.”

This is Mauriz’s day in the life story from Saturday April 4th.

As Mauriz slowly woke up at 9:00, she went on Tik Tok for about 30 minutes, until she was fully awake. She then got ready, and made herself a cup of coffee. She then woke up her little brother Brady so they could make pancakes together. After the pancakes were done, they shared them with their parents for breakfast.

Mauriz and her brother making pancakes. Photo by Mauriz Stoddard

Around 10:30, Mauriz and her dad went to Home Depot. Mauriz went to go pick up some parts for her penny board, which she hoped to fix. Mauriz tells the Royal Reporter, “It was so weird to see everyone with face masks and gloves on. It’s really hard being constantly aware of other customers and making sure we keep 6ft apart. This made me realize how fast our lives could go from normal to the opposite in a day.”

Afterwards, Mauriz tested out her penny board by going to the park. Unfortunately her penny board wasn’t fixed, but she was still happy that she was outdoors in a peaceful environment. As lunch time came around, she went back home to have lunch. Mauriz facetimed her friends, as they normally do for lunch, and caught up with everyone. Mauriz is always more than happy to see her friends, even if it is over the phone. 

Mauriz facetiming her friends during lunch. Photo by Maryann Compton

After the call, Mauriz decided to rest, and watch Tik Tok again. As 3 p.m. rolled around, her friend Isabella Pasino ‘20 came for a visit. Always maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from each other, they were still able to have fun. They went riding on their scooters and skateboards together, and they also had the chance to vlog their time together. 

Mauriz is a wonderful cook, so for dinner that night, she made her family spaghetti. They watched “Captain Marvel” together while eating dinner, and after the movie ended, her family went their separate ways to their rooms, and Mauriz watched more Tik Toks until she fell asleep.

During this time of quarantine, it is important that we continue to take care of ourselves, but remembering to still have fun doing so. Going for a run or going to the park is a great way to take care of our mental health, and Mauriz has left a tip for our readers: “It is really crucial that even though we aren’t allowed to go out, we should still be able to have fun. Even if it’s a bike ride around your neighborhood, painting or even just doing a puzzle, we should try and stop the cycle of constantly being on our phones, and doing things we might not have had time for before the virus hit.”