Best Shows To Binge Watch on Netflix


The Netflix logo. Photo provided by Netflix Inc.

Isabella Tejeda, Staff Editor

Spring Break is coming up and Royals are searching for ways to stay occupied during quarantine. The Royal Reporter searched high and low to find some of the best Netflix shows to binge watch. 

Food and Netflix, the perfect mix. Photo by Jada87

“The Umbrella Academy”

This somewhat new series is not only extremely entertaining, but also a great show to binge on a rainy day. It contains action, drama, and young superheroes that fight crime. Kloey Reyes ‘20 says, ‘“The Umbrella Academy” was sad, but entertaining. I have heard so many people talk about this show and how I needed to watch it, and I definitely don’t regret it. I would definitely recommend it.” 

“The Office”

A comedic take on daily life in the office. Not only is this show hilarious, but it also has 9 seasons and 192 episodes.  Liana Hanz ‘22 states, “I love watching ‘The Office’ because of the hilarious and likeable characters. The fact that it is a mockumentary gives an inside look into the world of a crazy paper company and makes it more relatable. Each character is distinct in which they all have their own likeness and personality, yet appeals to the audience in a way in which we can see ourselves in each of the characters.”

What’s next on Netflix for you? Photo provided by Creative Commons Zero

“All American”

“All American” is a binge-worthy show inspired by the pro-football player, Spencer Paysinger. What makes it so intriguing and addictive is its drama, actors/actresses, and its relatability to high school and life. Audrey Kartika ‘20 explains“All American” is hands-down my favorite show. Not only are the actors cute, but I was able to finish it in one all-nighter. It kept me hooked the entire time and I definitely recommend it.” 

“Greenhouse Academy”

This fun and dramatic show takes place at a private boarding school. The students there are future leaders who find themselves investigating strange events that occur throughout the seasons. Kat Davis ‘20 says,“Greenhouse Academy” is extremely addicting. There are so many plot twists and surprises that there is never a dull moment. Netflix just released new episodes and I cannot wait to watch them this weekend.”

Netflix is the best way to spend Spring Break. Photo by Jada87


First being shown on Nickelodeon, Netflix finally released all “Victorious” seasons and episodes after so many requests. This series mainly takes place at a performing arts high school and goes through the life of the aspiring singer, Tori Vega. Tatum Larson ‘23 states, “I never had the chance to watch “Victorious” on Nickelodeon when it first came out, but I always heard my friends talk about how funny and dramatic it was. When it came out on Netflix I was so excited to be able to watch it. I am definitely re-watching all the seasons over Spring break.” 

Royals recommended these five fun and entertaining shows for their fellow Rosary sisters to binge over Spring Break. So grab a blanket and enjoy all of these enjoyable series.