Family Fun


Abbys Tice's spiritual journey. Photo by Abby Tice

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

Stir-crazy: what used to be avoidable is now becoming a common household theme. Families across the country are confined to their homes, and will be for what seems to be an unpredictable amount of time. Rosary Royals are known to be quite the active and involved bunch; stuck in the confinements of their own homes, Royals’ families now have to try and keep up.

Senior Megan Kendall wanted to make her confinement space more comfortable: it was time for a change. With the help of her parents, she completely rearranged her room. Very exciting stuff. “I thought that if this is my new classroom, I might as well make it as comfortable and visually appealing as possible,” Megan shared.

Megan’s new and improved work space. Photo by Megan Kendall

Junior Cameron Kim and her family had to get out of the house, in a safe way of course. They go on frequent walks to stay active and increase their sunlight exposure. Cameron recommends family walks to everyone looking for something to get them out of the house, but she also recommends carrying hand sanitizer at all time. Her favorite scent is lavender.

Sophomore Abby Tice found one conventional and one unconventional way to fight boredom with her family. Abby and her brother picked up yoga when they came to the conclusion that “we had nothing better to do.” Abby hopes to one day be as flexible as our very own RADT (Rosary Academy Dance Team), and will continue to stretch until she reaches her goal. Besides yoga, Abby and her siblings found a very strange way to keep the excitement levels up: foot masks. The Tice children embarked on a journey for baby soft feet with no intention of looking back. Abby highly recommends this brand of foot masks, giving it a five-star review.

Foot masks. Photo by Abby Tice

Junior Lauren Woolley found one way to keep her and her family on her toes: family game night. As a water-polo super star, competition courses through her veins. She misses the adrenaline rush of winning CIF, so she tries to relive it by obliterating her family in Uno. Lauren is not to be trifled with.

Senior Sophia Lambros was tired of her quarantine outfits, so her and her little sister decided to experiment with bleach. She bleached one shirt and was very satisfied with the outcome, so bleached clothes might become a normality in the Lambros household.

Sophia Lambros made good use of an old siracha bottle to bleach her clothes. Photo by Sophia Lambros

I found myself getting bored of the concept of dinner. Coming together to eat as a family in boring normal clothes? Where’s the excitement, the flavor? So, being the creative young lady that Rosary has shaped me to be, I planned for something a little more spicy. A family dinner- but make it movie characters. My dad and my brother took the roles of a jedi and a sith, my sister was Jack Sparrow, my mom was Maverick from Top Gun, my brother put in a little effort as possible and was the “scary guy from Scream,” and I was Princess Poppy from Trolls.

My experimentation with crayola washable paint left me as a mirror image of Princess Poppy. Photo by Riley Hawkins

Whatever you and your families have to do to fight off early onset insanity, do it. Stay active, stay safe, and stay positive. Wash your hands ladies.