Restaurants Providing Free Delivery


Delivery Services. Photo from Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash and Postmates.

Maryann Compton, Staff Editor

In the most recent weeks, going out to eat has become outlawed in California due to the Coronavirus spread; however, many restaurants and fast food chains have made changes so that people will still purchase their food. This change often includes waiving the delivery fee.  

The Royal Reporter did some digging and found all the best places to get your food delivered for free.  

Chipotle: In order to receive free delivery, you must download the app and order $10 worth of food. The delivery can range from 25-35 minutes, depending on how close you live to the restaurant. 

Chick-Fil-A: If you download the app, you will receive a free delivery coupon. Chick-Fil-A tends to be very fast in delivering. In addition, they are giving double points for every order, which makes you one step closer to free food.

Chick-Fil-A’s yummy food. Picture from Chick-FIl-A








Del Taco: When you order through Postmates, use the code DELTACONOW to receive free delivery on orders of $15+. 

Blaze Pizza: Blaze Pizza is offering free delivery on orders $10+ via its website or app.  

El Pollo Loco: El Pollo Loco is offering free delivery through Grubhub from participating locations.  

Carl’s Jr.: Carl’s Jr. is also offering free delivery through Postmates with the code CARLSJRNOW until April 6th.  

Wing Stop: Wing stop is offering free delivery until April 11th through the WingStop app or website

Subway: Subway is offering free delivery from select locations through UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub, and Seamless when you use code SUBWAYNOW.  

P.F Chang’s: P.F Chang’s is offering free delivery on orders $25+ when you order from their website or through the app. 

P.F Chang’s Delivery. Photo from P.F Chang’s











Junior Sascha Portero appreciates these restaruants’ flexibiity, “In my experience, ordering food is very useful, especially with free delivery. They’re always very fast, and never miss an item from my order. I always order the food in advance because by the time it arrives, I am ready to eat. Even when restaurants aren’t offering free delivery, always check online because there might be a code on the internet for free delivery.” 

While many restaurants and fast-food places are offering free delivery, they are also offering free pick-up. Check out our other article from Isabel Alderete about curbside pickup.