Curbside Pick Up Across Orange County


The Lost Bean's pasta dinner available through curbside pick up. Photo provided by The Lost Bean.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

Are you tired of frozen or home cooked meals? Are you craving a delicious meal from your favorite restaurant? Luckily for you, thousands of restaurants across the country are offering curbside pickup because of the Coronavirus.

Not only is curbside pickup contact free and helping prevent the spread of the virus, but it helps support local businesses and restaurants. Here are a few spots in Orange County offering curbside pickup.

Urban Plates offers curbside pickup, and  take-out and free delivery as well. Urban Plates is definitely a favorite at Rosary because of the healthier options and quick service. Marysol Cazarez ’21 absolutely loves Urban Plates, and now she can’t wait to try their curbside pickup service. “Lately I’ve been craving my usual order of steak, broccoli, and potatoes from Urban Plates, and now that I know about curbside pickup, I will definitely be going there later this week,” she shared.

Urban Plates also offers Family Meals and Fridge Stockers and select locations to prevent grocery store visits.

One of the delicious meal options from Urban Plates. Available through curbside pickup. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Another Rosary favorite, Porto’s Bakery is also offering curbside pickup. Aside from curbside pick up, they offer In-store pickup, and a new amazing deal: Porto’s Bake At Home. Now, you can pickup your favorite Porto’s treats uncooked and bake them at home to have a warm, fresh pastry whenever you’d please. Freshman Emma Vasquez is a Porto’s fanatic; her favorites include the Refugiado, or the guava and cheese strudel, and the mango smoothie. Junior Ellie Hernandez also loves Porto’s Bakery, and some of her favorites are the Papa Rellena, or the potato ball, and the Chicken Empanadas. Both of these Royals can’t wait to get their hands on some delicious pastries through curbside pick up.

The mango smoothie from Porto’s. Photo provided by Porto’s Bakery’s Instagram.
The delicious guava cheese strudels from Porto’s. Photo provided by Porto’s Bakery Instagram.

The Lost Bean is a cafe and coffee shop with multiple locations across Orange County, and they, too, offer curbside pickup, as well as takeout and delivery. Through the app Chownow, you can place an order for curbside pick up, whether its a breakfast sandwhich, an iced coffee, or a slice of banana bread. After learning about curbside pick up, Isabella Capps ’21 said that she absolutely needed to go. “It’s really great that I can help support Lost Bean during this difficult. I also would not be able to make it through this quarantine without my breakfast burrito and iced mocha,” she stated.

The Lost Bean is also selling family meals, select grocery items, and a handmade pasta dinner for four. While the type of groceries or meals varies per location, you’ll know the Lost Bean will always come through. Get more information on The Lost Bean’s Instagram Account.

A blended matcha latte and blended chai latte from The Lost Bean. Available through curbside pickup. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Because of the Coronavirus, restaurants are struggling, but programs like curbside pick up help them stay afloat. Some other restaurants offering curbside pick up include all Jan’s Health Bar locations, Mr. BBQ in Fullerton, Sushi Roku in Newport, and Provisions Deli Shop in Orange. To see if your favorite restaurant is offering curbside pick up, be sure check their website.