Seniors in Quarantine


Mauriz Stoddard '20 with her painting. Photo by Mauriz Stoddard

Maryann Compton, Staff Editor

In the past few weeks, students all over the world have been sent to online school due to the Coronavirus. This has devastated the seniors’ last semester of high school. From not getting to see friends at school every day, to missing the last Red & Gold, seniors have lost something special. The Royal Reporter contacted many seniors to get their insight on how they are feeling during this unfortunate time.

Natalie Tinkler ‘20 explains, “Quarantine has definitely had some negative effects on my senior year because chances are, if the Coronavirus gets worse, we won’t have grad night or prom–things seniors should all get to experience. However, the upside to this is how nice it is to spend time with my family before I leave for college.”

Juliana Poggi ‘20 sadly explains, “There were so many things I’ve been looking forward to. Some events I was ready for were Kairos and the Thespian State Festival. Because of the Coronavirus, I am scared to go out of state for college now because if something like this were to happen again, I wouldn’t know if I could come home. In hindsight, this is for the benefit of everyone’s health, and I know I’m not the only one going through this, but as a senior in high school, it is still rough.”

Juliana Poggi ’20 with her completed puzzle. Photo provided by Juliana Poggi















While many students are heartbroken over everything that has happened, many students are happy that they will be able to catch up on their sleep. Students have even started learning to bake, learning to paint, or completing puzzles. 

Senior Mauriz Stoddard has found her artistic touch and explains, “While I am very upset about everything either being cancelled or postponed, I have found an interest in painting. It is very relaxing, and helps the time go by fast. I miss my friends a lot, especially because I know after high school, I won’t see them as much. However, because I can’t see my friends in person, my friend group decided to FaceTime each other during lunch, so we could at least catch up and talk as we normally would at school.”

Mauriz on Facetime with her friends. Photo by Maryann Compton












Another struggle for seniors is losing their jobs. Senior Theresa Saenz explains, “Amidst all that is happening, it is hard for me to not be working. I have been saving up for my own car, and since I am getting no hours, it has pushed my goal back farther. My hope is that people will do their job, keeping their distance from others, so that the virus can die down, and stores can open again, so I can get my goal back on track.”

Seniors at Rosary are heartbroken over everything happening. Some seniors at Rosary could not attend prom their junior year, and maybe even their senior year. Lara Macatangay ‘20 explains, “I am going to be really sad if I am not able to go to prom this year, because if I don’t go this year, it means I will have never gone to prom, and that’s just sad.”

The Coronavirus has brought some heartbreak and pain to many people around the world. The seniors of Rosary ask that you continue to pray, socially distance yourself, and wash your hands constantly, so that high school seniors everywhere can return to campus before the end of the semester.

If you would like to share about how the Coronavirus affected you, leave your thoughts down below in the comments section.