A Day in the Quarantined Life of Elena Walz


Elena Walz ’22 spending quality time with her sister. Photo by Elena Walz.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

Coronacation: the seemingly never-ending “vacation” where people are destined to stay locked up inside their houses to avoid catching the Coronavirus.

In order to prevent the spread of it, health officials are advising that people stay home at all costs, and avoid coming within six feet of another individual. While staying home for a long period of time seems nice, it can get boring very fast. Sophomore Elena Walz was not excited when she heard about Coronacation, but she’s found various ways to entertain herself. This is a day in the life of Elena during self-quarantine.

At approximately 7:00 am, Elena forces herself to get out of bed. If she’s hungry, she’ll eat breakfast, but if not, she’ll stay in bed. Elena’s breakfast usually consists of eggs, avocado, and salsa, depending on how hungry she is. Then, she’ll “get ready” for school, meaning she’ll brush her hair and teeth, but pajamas are a must.  Note to Dean Nanry if she is reading this article: Elena ALWAYS looks appropriate.

One of Elena’s home-cooked meals. Yum. Photo by Elena Walz.

Once she’s ready, Elena logs on to zoom about 10 minutes early to make sure she is prepared for the school day. While she misses the classroom experience, Elena likes Zoom because she gets to see her classmates and teachers, but she said that at times it can get annoying when her connection cuts out or her computer freezes.

Elena enjoying a workout  during self-quarantine. Photo provided by Elena Walz.

After online school ends, Elena eats lunch, and then gets ready to workout. Her workouts usually consist of biking or running. “Working out gives me a lot of energy, and it helps me stay in shape since I’m not playing any sports right now,” she shared. Elena also works out to pass the time quickly.

After a quick work out (or a super long bike ride), Elena spends time working on her homework. By the time she finishes her work, it’s dinner time. Elena loves eating dinner with her family. She shared, “We spend most of the day doing our own things, but we always make sure to come together and eat dinner as a family.”

Elena and her sister during Corona-cation with their cute dog. Photo by Elena Walz.

After a nice family dinner comes Elena’s beloved free time (she obviously does not have much of it). She likes to spend it by watching a movie, playing video games with her sister, or hanging out in her room. Then, its time to hit the sack. What a tiring day.

While Elena has a pretty set schedule for Coronacation, she cannot wait to go back to school. Hopefully, it will be by April 20th. Until then, make sure stay indoors and wash your hands.