Need Something To Watch during Quarantine?


Megan Kendall after finishing her new favorite movie, Tinkerbell.

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

After the unfortunate entrance of the Coronavirus into our unsuspecting community, all of our Royals are stuck at home in quarantine. Boredom is something we have come to know uncomfortably well, so much so that Royals are exploring the most obscure corners of Netflix. Here are some of their favorites.

Sophomore Evelyn LeVecke let her dad take the reins in their movie picking endeavors, and she heavily regrets it. She watched “The Phantom of the Opera” with her dad and little sister. She did not enjoy it, but her little sister Maeve was scarred for life. Maeve was terrified to fall asleep!

Junior Marysol Cazarez went back to her childhood roots. She revisited the popular TV series “H2O: Just Add Water.” The show takes place in Australia, featuring three girls who live double lives as magical mermaids. Marysol has always wanted to be a mermaid, and she is considering purchasing a mermaid tail on Amazon. She is very disappointed that non-essential Amazon deliveries are will not arrive until late April, so she is unsure on whether to buy one or not. Feel free to message her on any platform to tell her your opinion.

Marysol basking in the presence of the picturesque blue screen. Photo by Marysol Cazarez

Senior Megan Kendall also took a trip back to the 2000’s when she watched Tinkerbell. Megan enjoyed the movie so much that she’s decided to dedicate a portion of her day to watching all the “Tinkerbell” movies. Megan relayed, “I relate most to Tinkerbell. She is so beautiful and perfect and blonde. It’s like we’re twins.” I think we can all agree that Megan has reached an unhealthy level of boredom.

Sophomore Abby Tice watched “Yesterday” with her famous father, the one and only Mr. Tice. They both enjoyed it and recommend it to any Royals out there looking for a family friendly movie with lots of music and no actual Beatles. Abby would have appreciated more Beatles.

Abby pictured in her living room watching Yesterday, Mr. Tice not pictured. Photo by Abby Tice

Junior Brooke Edwards confessed that she watched “Twilight” with all her free time. She wants the public to know that she is 100% Team Edward, and if anyone is Team Jacob she would like to have a serious sit-down chat to psychoanalyze them and figure out where the problem is stemming from because no one in their right mind should be Team Jacob.

Brooke trying to get as close to the actors as possible, the only thing separating them is the screen. Photo by Brooke Edwards

There’s a fine line between boredom and insanity, and these lovely young ladies walk it well. Feel free to take any of these fabulous binge suggestions to fill your free time with a little more excitement. Wash your hands. Stay safe ladies.