The Show Didn’t Go On


The Red and Gold Hype will be bigger than ever. Photo Provided By Abigail Tice '22

Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

On March 12th, every Royal woke up thinking they would have a great day at school and finish the day by practicing their Red and Gold categories at their captain’s house. Little did they know that Dr. Pautsch, Rosary’s Head of School, would have to deliver heartbreaking news.

Red and Gold will return!
Photo Provided By Allison Mitts ’21

Red and Gold was to be postponed.

Both Co-producers took a big hit when they found out Red and Gold would be Postponed.
Photos Provided by Tara Fishman ’21 and Riley Hawkins ’20

That morning, mournful and tear-streaked faces walked the hallways. Some were in disbelief and some were outraged, but the announcement Governor Newsom made earlier that morning called for drastic measures to be taken: No more than 250 people could be in one same place due to the risk of catching the Coronavirus.

Red and Gold 2020 WILL see the light of day.
Photo Provided By Abigail Tice

Even though the whole school had been hard at work every day for six weeks, no one had worked harder than Red and Gold captains. They were the ones feeling the most heartache from the postponement of their beloved show.

On that rainy Thursday morning, all of the captains were especially pumped and ready for Red and Gold to fully initiate. Gianna Arenas ’21, one of Red’s Publicity Captains, pointed out, “We had our captain’s dinner the previous night and we all had so much fun and our producers gave an amazing speech and thanked all of us for all our hard work.” Unfortunately, the announcement was enough to kill their hype and cause Gianna and many others to “ball their eyes out.”

Although many were indeed surprised and absolutely shocked from the news they had just heard, Claire Early ’21, one of Gold’s Script Captains, told the Royal Reporter: “A small part of me knew that Red and Gold wouldn’t be happening as normal.” In spite of anticipating a change in Red and Gold, nothing could have prepared her “for the moment the loudspeaker came on.” She respected the decision that had to be made but she was “still devastated that, this time, the show didn’t go on.”

Looking into Claire’s anticipation, the Royal Reporter found according to Tim Arango’s and Jill Cowan’s article “Gov. Gavin Newsom of California Orders Californians to Stay at Home” from the New York Times, “The order represents the most drastic measure any governor has taken to control the virus, and a decision that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, which has far more cases than California, has resisted taking.” Postponing Red and Gold was in fact, inevitable.

Captains were definitely devastated. As Anna DiCrisi ’22, one of Red’s Script Captains, put it, “So many people, including myself, had so much love and pride in our show that the idea of it not happening was terrible.”

Fortunately, Red and Gold, for the time being, is simply postponed. Many of our captains still have hope that the show will go on. Anna made a good point when she confidently said, “I know good will somehow come out of this extra time, and I am still hopeful and excited to put on the best show we can.”

It is clear despite the broken hearts, everyone unanimously agreed that postponing Red and Gold was the right call. It may have delayed one of Rosary’s most beloved traditions, but when the Royals get the chance, their hype will be stronger than ever.