Teachers within the Quarantine


Kate Noden, Editor-in-Chief

Switching to online learning has been a crazy time for everyone, especially faculty who have been hard at work, switching from a simple classroom environment to complex online software. Along the way, they have made sure to keep students on track.

So how are the teachers adapting? Let’s find out.

Mr. Faubl, one of our science teachers, is not too fond of the sudden change, but he is managing. He describes his everyday life as “awesome” since he gets to walk along the beach, enjoying the view. Mr. Faubl avoids the news due to the negativity.

He stated, “People’s thoughts have power to shape reality.” Mr. Faubl encourages everyone to visualize graduation, prom, and even seeing friends again. “If all of Rosary banded together and visualized, they’d be shocked at what could be accomplished” states the optimist Mr. Faubl.

We love Mr. Faubl’s positive attitude and look forward to learning about velocity, gravity, and everything in between. The Rosary community is also praying that Mr. Faubl’s beloved cat Puff is thriving in this quarantine.

Mrs. Ward, who teaches a range of subjects like government and psychology, has kept busy during this time. She keeps her and house clean and jokes how her kids are getting tired of her. Mrs. Ward has sacrificed her love for shopping these past weeks to make sure her fridge and pantry are stocked up.

She continues her obsession with puzzles. Below is one that took 3 days to complete, only to be missing the last piece. Seniors’ hearts ache as they can no longer do puzzles with Mrs. Ward in the classroom, or enjoy the comfort of her support animal collection that inhabits the back counter of her now empty classroom.

She describes her environment at home as “not much different than at school, except I have to stay in one place. It is a little numbing for some body parts.”

The tragedy of the 3 day puzzle
Photo by Mrs Ward

She states that this change has not had that much of an affect on her; however, she believes it puts more work on the students independently, but described it as “a useful lesson in time management.”

American Sign Language teacher Mrs. Mattos, describes the change as a “fun challenge.” Growing up, she was home schooled so it brings back fun memories about her family. She states, “It is a little more stressful in relying on technology but a fun way to have students experience what life is like for the Deaf community as they use FaceTime or other video relay services to communicate with each other or their basic phone call needs.”

Every day she and her husband get to work from home together, and they are enjoying the extra time. In the morning, they wake up and call their friends oversees to make sure everyone is staying healthy and happy. In the afternoon, they enjoy listening to music from around the world, listening to audiobooks, or taking a walk around their apartment complex.

Mrs. Mattos’s homemade dress
Photo by Mrs. Mattos

When evening comes, they both work on their hobbies: Mrs Mattos works on a dress she has been creating while her husband works on his own book about his 10 years of missionary in India. Their one year wedding anniversary plans were canceled due to COVID 19, so they made the best out of their situation and found a remote trail in Dana Point to have a picnic.

The Matto’s lovely wedding anniversary hike
Photo by Mrs. Mattos

We are so grateful for our hard working teachers and for online classroom technology. We hope to be back in the classroom soon, but for now stay safe and wash your hands.