Schedule Showdown


Friars fighting to stay afloat. Photo provided by @servitehs

Servite and Rosary, although similar on surface level, function very differently. We have different schedules. Rosary uses a rotating block schedule, but Servite’s is a little more complicated.

They have R1 which goes 123 break 45 lunch 67. Then R2 which is 134 break 56 lunch 72 done. They also have block 1 which is 1 break  35 lunch 7, and block 2 which is 2 break priory 4 lunch 67 done. They also have 7 classes, but their schedules are much more complicated than our simple rotating block.

Another difference between our schedules is house versus priory. Sophomore Will Hawkins expressed his opinion, “I like priory, but if we didn’t have it then we could go home earlier. I’m torn.” Every Rosary Royals is familiar with house and its impactful benefits, and priory is quite similar. We both get to experience that close family bond that the small environment encourages.

Will and Shane hired a DJ to teach them how to work a sound booth because they want to be in Red and Gold so bad. Photo by Riley Hawkins

The one major difference is their lack of wellness. It’s absolutely tragic that Servite boys don’t get to walk in the park or have Just Dance battles. Sophomore Shane Faley commented, “I’ve always wanted to do wellness yoga with my brothers. Credo.”  But Rosary is lacking is the aquatics department, especially when it comes to boat races. In their priories, Servite boys craft their best ideas of what a proper, buoyant, flotation device should look like. There are more failures than successes, shockingly.

Will captured this image while he was cheering on his sister last year. Photo by Will Hawkins

But nothing compares to Red and Gold. Sophomore Will Hawkins shared, “I am so sad that I will never get to be in Red and Gold. My sister never shuts up about it and I basically know all the dances at this point. It’s heartbreaking. Go Gold though.” Will also shared that his friends feel the same way: seriously deprived and lacking in spirit. They are so excited to see the final product of the 50th Anniversary shows.

Will and Shane captured fighting over which team will take home the victory. Photo by Riley Hawkins

Will encourages everyone to go to Red and Gold and revel in the 45 minute masterpieces that reshape the concept of preforming arts. He reasons that if you can’t be a part of Red ad Gold, then watching it is the next best thing.