Connelly’s Class Plays

Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

Connelly works hard to make their show the best that it can be.
Photo Provided Brooke Medina

As the Royals prepare tediously for Red and Gold, their sister school, Cornelia Connelly is also working on their own school-wide, student-run class plays.

Everyone performing on stage puts their heart into each of their performance.
Photo By Cornelia Connelly Website

According to Brooke Medina, a sophomore at Connelly, preparation for Class Plays begins from the very beginning of the year up until they have to perform. Like Rosary’s Red and Gold, Connelly’s Class Plays are completely student-run which means each class gets to vote for their own student leaders (directors, producers, people in charge of the budget, stage managers etc.) who, like Red and Gold captains, are in charge of perfecting different aspects of their class’ plays.

Although very similar to Red and Gold, each class has the option of choosing to perform an already-written play or writing their own scripts.

Throughout the school year, each class diligently works on their class plays, but it isn’t until the second semester when they are given designated time periods to practice in their school auditorium and make it the best it can be for the day they perform in front of judges.

Of course, just like in Red and Gold, there is a major competitive aspect to Connelly’s Class Plays, and where there is a competitive spirit, there is also a demand for secrecy. No one knows what other classes are performing until they are seeing them in all their glory in their school auditorium.

Once their performance day arrives, it is finally time to show off what each class had been working on the whole year.

Each class begins by performing their play for each other and the judges. The judges can range from alumnae to people who actually work in the theater industry. Finally, the moment each student has been waiting for arrives and the judges give special commendations to the best director, best costumes, other categories and finally to the best class play overall.

After the winner of Class Plays is determined, they perform in front of family friends where they continue to put all they have onto the stage.

Last year, the Junior class won the best play for their performance of The Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man.” Although only one class play was voted the best, they all had gained a new sense of sisterhood and community. Brooke shared with the Royal Reporter “they allow each student to reach a little out of their comfort zone. Whether its one of their first times acting or they are a committee head for the first time each student still tries their best to make it a successful show.