Best Boba Places in Fullerton


Boba from The Boba Guys. Photo by Isabel Alderete

Everyone knows that Starbucks, Nature’s Juice, and Phil’s Coffee are the places to go to fill your cravings or quench your thirsts, but many people don’t know where to get their Boba, which is a wonderful milk tea.  Here are the best places to get Boba in Fullerton. The reviews consists of 3 main factors: How good the drinks taste, the consistency of the Boba, and the price. 

First up, we have Ding Tea. Located on E. Commonwealth and Lemon St, this Boba place received a 9/10. The drinks were evenly mixed, and the consistency of the Boba was soft on the outside and a little hard on the inside; the perfect consistency for Boba. In addition, these drinks are worth the price. The average drink cost at Ding Tea is $3.15, which is on the cheap side. They also have many drink options to choose from as well as toppings. Unfortunately the store lost one point for difficult parking.

Boba from Ding Tea. Photo by Maryann Compton











Next we have Tastea. Located right outside Fullerton on Fullerton Rd and Colima Rd, this Boba shop received a 8/10. Tastea has delicious drinks and is the best place to get a smoothie with Boba. The smoothies aren’t too sweet, along with the Boba, so they compliment each other. The drink sizes are a little too big for being a small or large, but the prices make up for that. The average cost for a drink is $4.58, which is perfectly priced for the size of the drink.

In addition, we have Sharetea. Located on E. Chapman and S. State College, this Boba place received a 5/10. The drinks were too sweet, even with 50% sweetness. The Boba was very good, but unfortunately the average price is $4.81, which is on the pricier side. Another minor problem was their sizing. Having only one size, if you are looking for a small drink, beware, they only have larges. But, overall, this Boba shop is a good place to stop by for a quick drink.

Rosary students at Sharetea. Photo by Sofia Pasino









Lastly we have Zero Express. Known for their split cups, this Boba shop is located on E. Chapman and N. State College as well, across the street from Sharetea. This Boba shop received a 7/10. The split cup was a neat idea. It saves the stress of choosing only one drink. Their drinks were fairly good, as well as their Boba. The average price is $5.05, mainly for the cost of the split cup. Overall this Boba place is good when you’re indecisive about which drink to get.

All things considered, these Boba shops have their own unique tastes, and all have wonderful drinks. In addition, these Boba shops are really good for studying, doing homework or even just talking with friends. If you know any other good Boba shops, comment down below, and the Royal Reporter will definitely check it out.