The Countdown Begins


Red Team working hard during Finale Practice. Photo by Gianna Arenas ’21.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

In just about seven days, one of the best times of the year begins: Red and Gold weekend. The teams have exactly one week before the big debut on Friday, March 12. With this little amount of time left, captains are scrambling to perfect their shows. The Royal Reporter went ahead and asked all the captains how they are preparing for the weekend, and how they are perfecting their performances.

Sandra Ragle ’21 is Red Props Captain, and she cannot wait for Red and Gold weekend to arrive. “I’m looking forward to finally seeing the whole show come together and having all the hard work pay off,” she exclaimed. In this last week before the shows, Sandra is finishing any last minute touches on the props. Sandra cannot wait for the audience to see Red’s cool and unique props.

Red Drill hard at work. Photo by Gianna Arenas ’21.

While Sandra is excited for Red and Gold, Gold Dance Captain Alyssa Santos ’21 is nervous for Red and Gold weekend. “We’ve been working really hard and I know my dancers are ready, but I’m still nervous because it’s my first time being dance captain and you never know what’s going to happen,” she stated. In order to prepare for Red and Gold weekend, Alyssa is using this last week to drill the routine and clean her dance. That way, her dance will be perfect by Friday morning.

An amazing stunt captured during flex. Photo by Gianna Arenas ’21.

Like Sandra, Gold co-producer Marysol Cazarez ’21 is ecstatic for Red and Gold. Marysol cannot wait to see Gold’s shows come together, and she is also excited to see Red’s production. “I know they’ve been working just as hard as we have, and I’m super excited to see the finished dances and drills after hearing the music all this time,” said Marysol. Marysol is preparing for Red and Gold weekend by getting enough sleep and assisting her team in any way she can.

In this last week 0f flex, both teams will be working tirelessly to perfect their shows. Both teams are super excited to finally see their productions come together. If you haven’t purchased tickets for Red and Gold, be sure to do so on Rosary’s website.