The Juniors are Stressing


The studious Isabella Capps ’21 stressing over her AP Psychology test. Photo by Isabella Capps.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

Junior year- the infamous third year of high school where juniors stress over just about everything. With college applications looming, juniors usually have to balance a heavy school load, extracurriculars, and standardized testing. Now that it’s second semester, juniors also have to start thinking about their future. So, are the Royal juniors facing the same problems as most juniors? And how are they dealing with the pressure?

Isabella Capps ’21 is definitely one stressed out junior. Between dance, school, and volunteer hours, Bella definitely had a jam packed schedule. To her, the most stressful and difficult task is finding time in her busy days to sleep. “I feel like when I’m sleeping, I should be studying, but I’m always so tired and I need to sleep,” she said.

Bella is also stressing over the ACT. “What’s stressful about the ACT is it’s just one test, but it feels like it determines so much about our future,” she exclaimed. In order to not stress out too much about the ACT and sleep, Bella prioritizes her time. She makes sure to set time aside for herself to spend time with friends or even catch up on her favorite TV shows. That way, the stress won’t get to her head.

Amelia Fiorentino is also another stressed out junior. Unlike most juniors, she originally thought junior year was easy. “First semester, I was chilling. I wasn’t too stressed. Then second semester started and I now understand why everyone is exhausted junior year,” she said.

Amelia Fiorentino ’21 working hard to maintain her grades. Photo by Amelia Fiorentino.

As a varsity tennis and lacrosse player, Amelia stresses over excelling in these sports while maintaining her grades. She knows her grades are particularly important this year because college is just around the corner. “Colleges today expect near to perfect grades, a decked out resume, and an amazing ACT or SAT score, and sometimes, it can get extremely stressful and almost too much to handle,” she shared. Amelia hopes all of her stress and hard work will pay off her senior year.

Going into junior year, Gianna Arenas ’21 did not know what to expect. Semester 1 was her first time taking an AP class, and she was expecting the worst of the worst. “I always hear people saying junior year is the hardest, so I decided to prepare myself for the absolute worst. Luckily, junior year is not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it’s still the toughest year of high school,” shared Gianna.

Gianna Arena’s ultimate source of stress-relief. 10/10 would recommend. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Luckily, Gianna managed to find the perfect way to deal with the stress of being a junior: Tik Tok. Gianna goes on Tik Tok whenever she feels overwhelmed with school, but she only allows herself to spend five minutes on Tik Tok per sitting. She told the Royal Reporter that regulating the time she spends on Tik Tok allows her to relieve her stress, but also stay on task.

It’s easy to say that the juniors of Rosary Academy are stressed out, but they seem to be managing it well. If you ever see a junior crying in the hallway, don’t worry too much; it’s probably because of school. Just give them a hug to brighten their day.