Water Polo Semi-Finals


Whitney Deubler, Staff Writer

This past Wednesday, February 19th, Rosary’s water polo team played Santa Monica in the CIF semifinals which determined who would go to the CIF finals this coming Saturday, the 22nd.  

Every quarter starts with a swim off to get the ball, which Nikki Culver ‘21 managed to swipe from Santa Monica without fail, tossing the ball back to her teammates every time. 

Staring each quarter off with possession of the ball gave Rosary an advantage over Santa Monica. It wasn’t just ball possession and amazing shots that helped Rosary; varsity goalie, Alexis Puchee ‘21, also saved thirteen of the nineteen shots taken. “I’m proud of my goalie Puchee for blocking every shot Santa Monica took,” says teammate Lulu Riviere ‘20. “The hardest part was forcing a momentum shift in the second quarter,” shares Lulu Riviere, but once the girls got past forcing it, they started to get the hang of things. The score reflected all of their hard work. 

Throughout the game, the score was either tied or very close, until Amelia Gonzalez ‘20 scored with the help of Nikki Culver. The score went from 5-4, to 6-4, as soon as that goal was scored, and then Rosary started to pull away from Santa Monica. 

By the end of the third quarter, the score was 12-5, with Rosary winning. With only one quarter left, things started to get difficult. “I had to keep my cool once the other team started getting desperate and unnecessarily aggressive,” Nikki Culver ‘21 shares. 

The majority of the shots taken were by Mia SolorZano ‘21 and Veralie Naranjo ‘21, both of them scoring four shots each. Nikki shares, “Veralie worked hard for her counters and made some really smart shots.”

The stands were full with students for the first time in a while. “It was nice to see our fellow sisters come out and support us. I wish they had come out sooner because I think it made us push each other harder in the game,” says Lulu. 

Fans, students, and parents all sat in the stands watching as Rosary finished out their win and celebrated going to the finals for the first time since 1999.