March Madness

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

No, this is not basketball. This is poetry.

AP English Literature is embarking on their own March Madness journey. One that involves mass amounts of poetry. Our lovely AP seniors are taking on a poem of their choice, and competing is a bracket style competition.

Senior Berna Hattouni is extremely excited to take on the challenge. She has already started to memorize her poem “Things We Carry on the Sea” by Wang Ping: “I’m taking this very seriously. I haven’t decided on costumes yet but I’m going to play it by ear. Hopefully I can carry myself above the competition. That was a pun.” Hopefully Berna’s eloquent speaking skills will bring her nothing short of victory.

Berna captured intensely rehearsing her poem to destroy her competition. Photo by Riley Hawkins

Senior Leslie Gomez feels differently. When asked if she is excited for the event, Leslie replied with a brisk, “No.” The march Madness buss has not fully set in yet.

Seniors Sophia Degrassi and Emma Goggins didn’t have time to answer any questions since they were too busy practicing their dramatic readings on the stairwells. Their line of reasoning is that if they can recite their masterpieces in the middle of passing period on the busiest stairwell on campus, they can overcome anything.

An intense stairway rehearsal. Photo by Riley Hawkins

Ms. Young imparted some of her infamous wisdom on the matter, “It’s 100% Ms. Young’s idea and Bevins had nothing to do with it.” The first round beings on March 2nd. Two seniors will compete in front of their class by explaining their poem. Whoever does the best job wins the round and advances on to the next opponent. Some seniors are nervous, some excited, but all of the, are desperate to win the extra credit that the overall winner from both periods will receive.