Mrs. Ward’s New ‘Do

Did Rosary get a new teacher? Is a model walking around campus? Although the latter question is true, no, Rosary did not get a new teacher. Mrs. Ward, one of Rosary’s Social Studies teacher, is rocking a new look, and her assertiveness and elegance seem to be radiating brighter than ever.

Mrs. Ward’s hair after she cut it, but before she dyed it. Photo Provided By Mrs. Ward

But what inspired this new look? And how does Mrs. Ward feel walking around with her new do?

Mrs. Ward’s hair in all its glory.
Photo Provided By Mrs. Ward

Mrs. Ward shared with the Royal Reporter, “I have always wanted to try this cut. I have also always wanted to try blonde hair since I was a little girl and some of my best friends had blonde hair. It was definitely a bucket list item.” It was simply time to do what she had always wanted to do, and people everywhere are wondering why she had not chosen to do it sooner.

According to Mrs. Ward, “Most people take a few seconds to respond and it has been overwhelmingly positive.” This teacher’s new hairstyle is definitely different from what you see at the Academy, but it is certainly a refreshing change.

Not only is Mrs. Ward’s hair a fulfillment of what she’s always wanted, but it is also a convenience she never knew she needed. Mrs. Ward excitingly shared, “I love it. No more extra time brushing it out, and no more hair in the sink to clean up. It also feels like the soft fur of a puppy.”

Make no mistake, Mrs. Ward’s decision to cut and dye her hair was probably one of the best decisions she has ever made.

Of course, Mrs. Ward is not the only one who thinks her new look was an amazing decision. Serena Park ’21 shared, “I love Mrs. Ward’s new look. I especially love that she was confident enough to choose something so bold that she has always wanted.” Tina Enright ’21 also added, “She seems to walk around with newfound confidence and I love it.”

Students were not the only other people who loved Mrs. Ward’s decision to change up her hair. Her coworkers have also joined the “Mrs. Ward’s New ‘Do” fan club. Mr. Stegink shared, “I love when people make bold changes with their appearance, and I respect that.”

Mrs. Ward did indeed make a bold decision with her hair and everyone loves it. A lot of times, change can be scary and difficult to embrace. Fortunately, Mrs. Ward was able to gracefully embrace her new haircut in a dignified way. And it shows.