Winter Formal

Whitney Deubler, Staff Writer

This past weekend, students from Rosary, Servite and Connelly celebrated the first formal dance of the year, Winter Formal. With Rosary and Connelly girls in long dresses, and Servite boys in  nice suits, they all showed up at the Nixon Library around seven to start dancing the night away.

Juliana ’20 and her date Ivan ’19 photo provided by Juliana Maldonado

The majority of the dresses were on the darker side of the color spectrum, with a couple of pops of reds, blues and a couple of purples. All dresses were floor length, with various types of sleeves and backs but all of them were good for dancing.

Winter formal is a time where all of Tri-School can come together and have fun dancing and talking with friends from all schools. Many students got the chance to be with their friends from other schools, while having a blast.

But at the dance, the smallest group of students were the seniors, “There were barely any seniors but it was kind of fun that way because my friends and I just had fun and didn’t care who else we saw” says Juliana Maldonado ‘20.

But that didn’t stop all of the students from dancing together to a popular dance called the “Payaso de Rodeo”: “We did the entire thing without stopping!” Juliana shares happily.

The entire night was filled with everyone dancing and having fun. The music was turned up, and colorful lights replaced the normal fluorescents, turning the Nixon Library from a place of study into a place of play for the night.

Just because it was a fun night didn’t mean that unusual things couldn’t happen. “The weirdest thing that happened was probably realizing that we were dancing like idiots in front of a portrait of George Washington the entire time,” says Juliana.

Juliana wasn’t the only one dancing like crazy the entire night; all of the students joined in for classic dances like the Cupid shuffle and the Cha Cha slide.

Winter Formal Dancing photo provdied by Kat Davis

Thankfully lemonade and water saved the students from dehydration, and a fondue bar and other snacks like cookies helped keep everyone full. “The snacks and drinks were probably my favorite part” shares Kat Davis ‘20.

The night of Winter Formal was filled with dancing, snacking and all different kinds of fun for all the students of tri-school.