Best Candy Jars 2020


Ms. Barclay's wide selection of candy. Photo by Isabel Alderete '21.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

In need of a sugar rush? Craving a piece of delicious candy? Luckily for you, many of Rosary’s teachers always have a stash of candy at hand. From peanut butter M&M’s to Swedish Fish, teachers offer it all. But which teachers offer the best candy?

Like many Rosary Royals, Ms. Barclay is a candy lover who prides herself in having an amazing candy jar. “I like to have a good ratio of fruit candy to chocolate candy, but I always make sure I have better candy than Ms. Young,” she said.  “No matter what candy Ms. Young puts in her jar, mine will be better,” she added, insisting this quote make it into the Royal Reporter verbatim.

Riley Hawkins ’20 enjoying some of Ms. Barclay’s delicious candy. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Even though Ms. Barclay believes she had the best candy jar, Ms. Young thinks otherwise. Ms. Young told the Royal Reporter that she picks her candy based on what Ms. Barclay is offering. “There’s no real plan to the assortment of candy in my room. I primarily try to see whatever Barclay is offering and then do better,” she stated. Ms. Young has a candy jar because she believes it keeps both students and teachers sane through out the day. But never take a piece of candy during class, as it will lead to the end of the candy jar.

Like Ms. Barclay and Ms. Young, Mr. Reinbold has a candy jar to keep students happy. “It’s nice to see students drop by and say hi- and grab a piece of candy,” he happily said. Mr. Reinbold keeps multiple types of candy in his jar, such as Hershey bars or hard candies, but he always refrains from putting gum or lollipops inside the jar.

Another wonderful candy jar. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Mr. Lyons is another candy lover on campus, but he has a candy jar in his classroom out of habit. “I’ve had friends and families all my life that were diabetic, and keeping little hard candies around was just a habit I picked up,” he exclaimed. Mr. Lyons loves Andies mints and Sunkist Fruit Gems, but he generally keeps tootsie pops or soft pillow mints in the jar.

Overall, all of these teachers have amazing candy jars. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, stop by and say hi to any of these teachers for a Kit Kit or mint.