Royals Take on Valentine’s Day


Madeline Change '21 and her valentine smiling for the camera. Photo provided by Madeline Chang

Isabella Tejeda, Staff Editor

February 14, a day full of love, happiness, and heart-shaped chocolates. Valentine’s Day has been in celebration since the year 496 according to BBC. Couples have been celebrating this day with dinners, teddy bears, and lots and lots of chocolate candies. Royal Reporter went around campus and asked Royals how they will be spending their Valentine’s day with their boo.

Bernadette Hattouni ‘20 is spending Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend Dominic Choi ‘20 near the water: “We’re grabbing takeout and then he’s taking me to the beach to watch the sunset. This will be our first Valentine’s Day together so we’re both really excited.” Along with Bernadette, Madeline Change ‘21 is also spending this special day by the beach, “My boyfriend is “surprising” me by picking me up and taking me to watch the sunset. I found out the surprise, but it’s still the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.”

Berna Hattouni ’20 and her valentine at Homecoming. Photo provided by Berna Hattouni

Madeline Chang ’21 with her boyfriend. Photo provided by Madeline Chang

Gia Espejo ‘23 and her boyfriend are staying local, “Paul and I will be spending the whole day together after school. We are going to grab some food, probably sushi, and then go home and watch movies. Of course we’re going to be eating a lot of chocolate and hanging out until curfew.” Madi Ye ‘21 and her valentine are also staying local, “My boyfriend, Ben Galindo ‘21, is picking me up after school today and then he’s going to make dinner for us. After that, we are going to pack the food and go to the park for a picnic.”

Gia Espejo ’23 and her boyfriend spending quality time together. Photo by Gia Espejo

Madi Ye ’21 and Ben Galindo ’21 watching Rosary’s basketball game. Photo by Madi Ye

Melanie Beltran ‘20 and her boyfriend are spending the day celebrating, “ I am going to David Mitzner’s ‘20 second round game of CIF, and then after we are going to Pelican Grill in Newport. Afterwards, we are grabbing Cold Stone for dessert. Today we are not only celebrating Valentine’s Day, but we are also celebrating our 25 months anniversary.” 

Melanie Beltran ’20 and David Mitzner ’20 posing for the camera. Photo provided by Melanie Beltran

Even if you don’t have a valentine to spend this special day with, you can still have fun celebrating Galentine’s! Check out Allison Perea’s ‘20 article on How to: Galentine’s Day.