Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

Thank you for your application! You have been waitlisted.

Waitlisted? What does this mean?

Being waitlisted is like if your friend has an extra Harry Styles concert ticket. She tells you and another one of your beautiful comrades, and she is only taking you to see Harry Styles if the other friend can’t.

Similar to being deferred, being waitlisted is another way for colleges to postpone your ultimate decision. Although it’s not a definite no, being waitlisted isn’t a complete yes either.

Many seniors and college applicants struggle with the idea of being waitlisted. But really, it’s not all that bad. Basically, your admittance just depends on the person ahead of you deciding not to go to your college of choice because they got a better offer. It’s just simple math, ladies.

Senior Megan Kendall wanted to voice her opinion, even though she hasn’t been waitlisted, “Being waitlisted is honestly so rude. If it ever happens to me I will take it personally.” Megan feels very strongly on the matter.

Senior Melanie Beltran was waitlisted from the University of Portland, “When I got waitlisted I wasn’t even mad. It’s just annoying because I have to wait longer. I’m very impatient.” Many seniors would agree.

Melanie Beltran sporting a University of Portland shirt. Photo by Riley Hawkins 

Senior Kate Noden was not waitlisted from any schools, “I only applied to easy schools because I cannot physically handle rejection.” Rejection is a heavy blow to the ego, as seniors across the board would testify to that statement. Kate is very excited with her acceptances because she can’t wait to, “Fly through college and get a big girl job.” Very cool, Kate.

Kate Noden pictured practicing poses for her “big girl job.” Photo by Riley Hawkins

Being waitlisted is in no way the end of the world. Again, it’s not a no, it’s just a “maybe later.” Keep your heads held high, seniors.