10 Year Anniversaries


Congratulations to Mr. Bevins and Mrs. D’Alba. Photo by Ms. Barclay.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

This past Friday, two beloved Rosary teachers, Mr. Bevins and Mrs. D’Alba, were honored at the Diocese of Orange Catholic Educator Appreciation Dinner for their years of dedication to Rosary. Both teachers celebrated their 10 year anniversaries of working at Rosary, but unfortunately, only Mrs. D’Alba was able to attend the dinner.

Mrs. D’Alba was pleasantly surprised with the celebration, and her favorite part, of course was indulging in the delicious tiramisu. “The guests, the food, and the cookies in a jar were all wonderful and it meant a great deal to be acknowledged with dedicated teachers who give their lives to teach and grow with their students every day no matter what is going on,” she proudly stated.

Mrs. D’Alba decided to work at an all-girls school because of her experience as a 7th grade teacher. She originally worked as a Family Life teacher for both boys and girls, but she personally enjoyed working with the girls. After hearing about Rosary through a friend, Mrs. D’Alba knew it was the perfect place for her. Mrs. D’Alba loves teaching in an all-girl environment because she loves seeing young women blossom into tomorrow’s leaders while growing in their faith and intellect at the same time.

While Mrs. D’Alba wanted to work at an all-girls school, Mr. Bevins never expected to work at Rosary. But when an opportunity came up to coach water polo at Rosary, he knew he had to take it because it frustrated him that Servite water polo boys received more praise and recognition than the Rosary players. Mr. Bevins loves working at Rosary because of the students. “A Rosary student is smart, witty, empathetic, dedicated, and passionate. The really great thing about a Rosary student is that while being all of those things, they remain fun, goofy, and even a bit weird,” he exclaimed.

Mr. Bevins believes an all-girls education is important because it prepares young women to live in an incredibly harsh world. He believes Rosary is a perfect place to teach young women the importance of individuality, spirituality, and creativity. Mr. Bevins is proud to teach at Rosary, and he cannot wait to see what the future of this school holds.

Congratulations to Mrs. D’Alba and Mr. Bevins on their years of hard work and dedication. The students of the Academy are forever grateful for the life-changing lessons you have taught them.