She is Stephanie-Li a Royal Scholar

Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

Stephanie enjoys being on Rosary’s Golf team.
Photo Provided By Stephanie Li

Moving across the world and then having to adapt to a new country’s customs while being only a teenager can not only be difficult, but it can also be very intimidating. Despite the adversities this life-altering event can bring, Stephanie has been able to overcome and thrive in America.

Stephanie cherishes the time she gets with her family.
Photo Provided By Stephanie Li

All the way from Beijing, China to Chino Hills, California, Stephanie Li ’22 has strived to do her absolute best here in America, while also trying to fit in and excel in academics at Rosary Academy. In fact, she has even taken it upon herself to take AP Chemistry and AP Physics outside of Rosary to enhance her knowledge and better prepare herself for success in these fields.

Although her education is key, Stephanie still makes time to be involved in her school. Currently, she is one of Gold’s Props Captains, and is on Rosary’s Golf and Swim Team. On top of all that, Stephanie has spare time for her hobbies that include doing Origami, DIY crafts, reading, and ice skating.

It is evident that Stephanie has flourished both in and out of Rosary Academy, but it could not have been possible without hard work and dedication. When she came to America in the fifth grade, Stephanie spent a year learning English and simply trying to adapt the best she could to the customs and environment around her. She shared that the best way she was able to adjust to life in America was “through [her] friends and [her] teachers” who always spoke English around her. Stephanie described finally learning how to speak English felt “like a fish in the water.”

Stephanie usually gets to visit her family once a year, and sometimes gets the luxury of her parents visiting her. At home, she lives with her aunt who is like a mother to her who, according to Stephanie, makes living in America easier.

After living in America for five years, Stephanie grew to love America’s traditions during Christmas. She still enjoys celebrating New Year’s, but because her culture celebrates it at a different time than Americans, she finds it difficult to celebrate it to its full potential.

Stephanie has achieved so much during her time here in America. There is no doubt that she will amount to great feats in the future. Stephanie’s parents took the risk of sending their daughter to live across the world in order for her to have a “more well-rounded education with different opportunities.” Luckily, as a Rosary Royal, Stephanie is in the best school to receive those opportunities and grow in confidence as a leader and a woman.