RED-y. Set. GOLD. (Part 2)


Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again for Rosary Academy to split into its two respected teams, red and gold. It is also that time of the year for both red and gold teams to unite in sisterhood to produce the best show for their team.

Rosary’s altar servers were excited to be aiding the Bishop at the Red and Gold mass.
Photo By Mrs. Reinbold

All of the captains have been busy since Christmas break working on their categories and making sure that their scripts, dances, drills, and posters are perfected. Now that the Red and Gold season has officially started, and everyone has been put into their categories, there is no denying that it will be a tough competition this year.

Everyone was greatly blessed after hearing the Bishop’s message of Unity.
Photo By Mrs. Reinbold

Although the traditional race for the title will be a close one, the tradition that also holds strong is Rosary’s Red and Gold Mass, which occurs the first Monday after Kick-Off.

Before the Mass even started, the message of unity was already impacting captains. AJ Arrington ’20, a member of the Red Team, really liked Dr. Pautch’s opening speech, in which she made the point that although the school is split into two teams, we are still one school. AJ added, “Her speech felt very heartfelt.” Mrs. Pautch did an amazing job of getting everyone into a competitive spirit.

Aside from getting into the competitive spirit, captains and the student body were able to really get into the concept of unity and sisterhood. Caylee Santos ’20, Gold Dance Captain, shared that she really felt the Mass was “relaxing and a relief to know that my sisters would be by my side throughout this entire red and gold season.”

Captains also got the opportunity to be part of the Mass as lectors and eucharistic ministers. Marysol Cazarez ’21, Gold Co-producer, was able to read the Prayers of the Faithful. She told the Royal Reporter that she really liked the Mass because she was able to “understand the message of unity in a deeper way when Tara and I were asked to read and got to go up to read the petitions with Tara [Red’s Co-producer].”

In the end, Red and Gold’s captains were able to work together to make a holy Mass come alive. At the end of the Mass, Gianna Arenas ’21, one of Red’s Publicity Captains, shared that she was able to “take a break from all the Red and Gold stress as a captain and just reflect on the unity that Red and Gold is all about.”

Red and Gold season has now begun. Now that both Red and Gold’s teams have the Bishop’s blessing, it is time for the competition to officially start. RED-y. Set. GOLD.

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