Deferred… Thanks?

Deferred... Thanks?

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

DISCLAIMER: The recollection of these events may be traumatic to Seniors. Viewer discretion is advised.

One new message.

You check your mailbox, heart racing and palms glazed with a nervous sweat. This email could change your life. Your dream college has finally updated their admissions portal.

“View update.”

This is it, after all these long years of hard work and dedication, you click that tab.


The ultimate confidence obliterator. You might be asking yourself, “Deferred? What does this mean?” Being deferred is like when you are waiting in line at Disneyland, and the line is very, very long, so the worker comes up to your section and opens up a new waiting line for the crowd to file into and you think to yourself: “Yes. This is it. This is great. I’m going to be at the front of the line. I win. You lose. Life could not be better. I am living proof that the American Dream is real.”

But in reality, you are just put in to a different line to wait just as long, if not longer. You do not win, but you have not lost- yet.

In my personal experience, being deferred is not the end of the world. A real tragedy would be reading your rejection letter from your dream school whilst suffering from the stomach flu virus. These events most certainly did not happen to me, dear reader.

A herd of seniors experiencing intense sadness thinking about deferrals. Photo by Riley Hawkins

Seniors around the block are experiencing the excruciating pain of deferral: senior Berna Hattouni made an intelligent comparison, “Being deferred is like wanting a new phone for Christmas and you’ve been ruthlessly begging and dropping hints, and you open up a rectangular box on Christmas morning, and it’s socks.” Berna also shared that she finds socks to be “deeply upsetting,” so I’m sure you get the idea. Senior Laurie Younes was very puzzled with her predicament, “So what I’m hearing is it’s not a no, yet, but not a yes either… nice.”

Laurie pictured visibly upset about her deferral. Photo by Riley Hawkins

Senior Megan Kendall kept a positive outlook on her deferral situation and responded with a brisk, “Very cool.” Senior Sophia Degrassi keeps her standards high stating, “If I get deferred, they don’t want me. I don’t need that energy in my life.” Many of our seniors would agree.

Being deferred is not a rejection. As they always say, when one door closes, another opens; however, this door is not yet closed, it’s just farther away.