Freshman Spotlight: Bridgette Sanders


Allison Perea, Staff Writer

Bridgette Sanders ‘23 came to Tri-School Theatre eager to show everyone her talents and shine on the stage. This freshman was cast as Minnie Fay alongside Maddy Gomez ‘20 who played Mrs. Malloy in Tri-School’s fall play The Matchmaker. Performing like a seasoned pro, Sanders demanded all attention while onstage with her expressive acting and comedic timing.

Royal Reporter: When did you start doing theatre?

Bridgette:  I started doing theatre in first grade. When I was little I was very shy, so my parents were absolutely shocked when I brought home our school flyer for “The Wizard of Oz” and I wanted to audition.  I was cast as a munchkin and was bit by the theater bug that year!

Bridgette in her first show, The Wizard of Oz. Photo by Bridgette Sanders.

RR: What do you love most about theatre?

B: I love that theatre allows me to be creative and express myself. I love playing different types of characters and acting out different emotions. Whether it is a proper English nanny or a fun, lighthearted French candlestick, I think bringing out something unique in every role is one of my favorite parts of theatre.

Bridgette playing Lumiere. Photo by Bridgette Sanders.


Bridgette with some of her Tri-School friends: Hayley Johnson ’20 and Maddy Gomez ’20. Also featured is Hayley’s little sister, Ella. Photo by Bridgette Sanders.

RR: What’s your favorite show you’ve ever done?

B:  My favorite show that I have done is most definitely The Matchmaker. It was my first show at Tri-School, and it was actually my very first play (I had only done musicals before this). It was also the first show that I had to eat and drink while on stage – that was really exciting because it made the restaurant scene feel so real.

Philip Mangiaracina
Bridgette taking her final bow with Servite sophomore David Graham. Photo by MMSports.

RR: What are you excited about for The Fantasticks?

B: I am looking forward to being a part of “The Fantasticks!” It is going to be such an incredible show!  I can’t wait to make unforgettable memories with this cast. One of my favorite parts of every show is getting my costume – it is very exciting, and personally, it helps me bring my character to life. I cannot wait for this show!

Bridgette is sure to be a standout at Tri-School Theatre throughout her next 4 years here. She is already killing it by being cast in her first two shows of high school.  Be on the lookout for this insanely talented freshman in the rest of her shows here and beyond.