Winter Formal

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Winter Formal

Kate Noden, Editor-in-Chief

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Winter Formal is less than a week away. Still haven’t gotten a dress? Feeling unprepared? No date? Don’t worry the Royal Reporter is here to help.

The dress code for this year’s Winter Formal is floor length dresses with no slits or bare backs. Remember modest is hottest ladies, if you need a quick dress that follows guidelines just head over to your nearest mall. Windsor has many affordable dresses that have a great range of colors and designs. Or if you want to climb the budget totem pole, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales have many gorgeous gowns.

For more information on dress guidelines make sure to check out Ms Nanry’s email, and get your dress checks in by Thursday, January 30th.

Seniors Melanie Beltran and Daniela Moran wearing their dresses from Windsor
Photo by Grace Battaglia

Melina Alsworth ’20 wearing a stunning dress from Nordestrom
Photo by Becky Alsworth

Once you have a dress, many Royals like to get matching nails to go with it. Sophomore Hannah Palos loves to have fun crazy nails, she stated, “Last week I had my sweet sixteen party and this week is Winter Formal, so I knew I had to line up my dresses. Luckily I was able to score with both dresses being pink, so for winter formal I will have amazing pink sparkly nails.”

If you don’t have time or the money to spend on a nail salon, just go to your local cvs. For less than ten dollars you can get a complete manicure that looks better than ever. Mya Hernandez ’20, no stranger to press-on nails stated, “Press on nails is the way to go, trust me. I love them so much because I am not going to pay 45 dollars for a manicure no one will remember; I simply just glue them on, and in 10 minutes for 10 dollars I am set.”

Maryann Compton’s crazy blue nailsPhoto by Maryann Compton

Junior Isabel Alderete’s holographic acrylic nails. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Now that you are looking stunning, you don’t even need a date. Going with friends is a great idea for Winter Formal. You can relax and simply just enjoy the night with your best friends. Senior Daniela Moran stated, ” This year, I’m going without a date. As a senior I have realized that sometimes it’s better just to go with your best friends because you only have to worry about yourself, and it’s half price.”

Mya Hernandez needs no date
Photo provided by Mya.Hernandez

However, if you really want to go with a date, there are many ways to connect with boys. Simply get out there and go to social events.  Servite sport games are also a great way to meet people within your same interests. Remember to be yourself and have fun.

Winter Formal is next Friday February 7. Have fun and be safe Royals.