How Do Royals Eat Their Donuts?


Donuts of all shapes and sizes. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

Donuts- you know them, you love them. These deliciously fried delicacies are a favorite among Rosary Royals. From old fashioned donuts to glazed twists, Royals will eat them all. But because of all the different shapes and sizes of donuts, there are many different ways to eat them. So, how exactly do Royals enjoy their donuts?

Riley Hawkins ’20 eating her chocolate donut upside down. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Senior Riley Hawkins considers herself a donut connoisseur, specifically a chocolate frosted donut connoisseur. To Riley, all other types of donuts are inferior. Oddly enough, Riley eats her donuts upside down: she starts with the bread and ends with the frosting. When asked why, she stated, “I eat my donuts upside down because it tastes better at the end. I save the best for last.” Riley only likes chocolate frosted donuts because she can eat them upside down. So far, she is the only Royal to eat donuts this way.

A close up of the donut Riley ripped to pieces. RIP donut. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Ellie Hernandez ’21 is another donut lover on campus, but she only loves chocolate cake donuts. “I think they are sweeter than regular donuts and I like the crunchy outside with the soft inside,” she exclaimed. Ellie eats her chocolate cake donuts by ripping them apart into bite size pieces. These bite size pieces give her the sensation of eating donut holes, which is something Ellie enjoys.

Ellie Hernandez ’21 enjoying a scrumptious chocolate donut. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Unlike Riley and Ellie, Freshman Emma Vasquez does not discriminate against any donuts; she will willingly eat any type of donut.  When asked how Emma eats her donuts, she confusingly said, “What do you mean? I bite them like a normal person.” When she found out about the different ways people eat donuts, she was shocked.

While Riley and Ellie eat their donuts in interesting ways, its easy to say that the most common way is biting. If this article left you craving a donut, be sure to look around because there is a 99% chance donuts are somewhere on campus.