Royal Koalas


Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

Transferring into a new school can be very intimidating, especially when it comes to finding new friends, but this is often not the case at Rosary Academy.

This semester, Rosary was blessed with five Connelly transfers: Maggie Lazo ’22, Meghan McGlinchey ’22, Sabrina Piazza ’23, Bethanie Sanft ’21, and Emily van Veggel ’22. Although Rosary and Connelly are sister schools, there are distinct differences, so the Royal Reporter decided to find out just how these new Royals were getting accustomed to their new school.

The Royal Reporter first spoke to Sabrina Piazza ’23 who admitted that she was still getting adjusted to Rosary, but shared that she loved that everyone was so sweet and welcoming. Her favorite part about Rosary so far has been the food and the people. Luckily, before she transferred, she already knew two people: Dianella Sy ’23 and Kate Rosales ’23, who, like very courteous Royals, showed her around the first few days. She also shared that upon discovering Rosary’s bell schedule, she loved it, and the office hours it offered. She also enjoyed Club Rush where she was able to sign up for a bunch of clubs.

Sophomore Maggie Lazo also got to share with The Royal Reporter her experience so far at Rosary. Unlike Sabrina, she only knew one Royal before transferring. Her cousin, Bernadette Hattouni ’20, was nice enough to show Maggie around during her first days at the Academy. Maggie told the Royal Reporter that her favorite part about Rosary was “how accommodating and considerate the teachers have been with us.” She too loved the bell schedule, especially the early dismissals, late starts, and study halls it offers.

Lastly, Bethanie Sanft ’21 told the Royal Reporter that her favorite part was the teachers at Rosary Academy, who were very understanding upon having a new student in the middle of the year. Fortunately for Bethanie, she already knew multiple girls from theatre who were also kind enough to show her around. Aside from already knowing people, Bethanie shared with the Royal Reporter that making friends was actually very easy for her.

There is no surprise that Rosary’s students and teachers have a certain charm to making the new Royals feel at home. Rosary prides itself in sisterhood, and it is very apparent that its students and teachers have made it their mission to provide the absolute best experience. In doing so, Rosary seems to be saying, “You are not alone and I am not alone. We are in a sisterhood together, and together we can make it.”