Red, Wine, and SOLD

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

On Saturday, January 19th, many of our treasured faculty and staff, loving parents, and dedicated, hardworking, and astonishingly beautiful Royal Ambassadors came together to break bread at the fundraiser everyone knows and loves: Red, Wine, and Gold.

Some Royal Ambassadors collecting bid numbers for donations. Photo by @rosaryroyals

The auction items flew of the shelves in an array of price ranges: for example, the auction puppy sold for a whopping $3,800. The bidding went back and forth for a couple of minutes that seemed like hours, the price increasing with  $200 every bid. Junior Ryan Ohlman and her family were the lucky winners.

The lucky Ohlman family with this year’s treasure auction puppy. Photo by @rosaryroyals

Another hot bid were the VIP Red and Gold tickets, which sold for $2,100 to none other than Shannon Hawkins, class of 1988. Shannon was once a Royal herself, so she knows just how extremely important Red and Gold is, and how quality the four performances are. She is very excited to see what each teams come up with for the 50th anniversary Red and Gold.

Senior Megan Kendall had more than a blast auctioning off Gala Tickets. Megan expressed her passion for Rosary fundraisers to the Royal Reporter, “Red, Wine, and Gold is my favorite fundraiser. I think it really brings the community together in a way that Cracked Crab doesn’t. I would only spend my Saturday at Rosary for Red, Wine, and Gold.”

The view from Megan Kendall’s booth as she vigorously sold raffle tickets to win a ticket to the Gala. Photo by Megan Kendall

Overall, Red, Wine, and Gold is one of Rosary’s most notorious fundraisers. It’s a great event that promotes community and raises funds for current and prospective royals who need financial aid in order to attend Rosary and reap the extensive benefits of an all girls Catholic education.