The Takeover

Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

This semester, Rosary’s very own religion teacher, Mrs. Flati, and history teacher, Mrs. Jenkins, are both leaving to bring new life into the world. Luckily, Rosary has chosen two very capable teachers to takeover their classes.

First, The Royal Reporter talked to Mrs. Flati about Mr. Bravo’s takeover. She shared her fear that Mr. Bravo would “turn the sophomore class against me and  like him more than me, ” but she was more excited for the opportunity to sleep in and have more bonding time with her other son, Luca.

Mr. Bravo and Mrs. Flati are both ready for their own new beginnings.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

While talking with Mr. Bravo, the Royal Reporter found that he was very excited to”be able to have the opportunity to teach and run a classroom. He was especially excited “to help form the ‘sharks’ and a class of dinosaurs both intellectually and spiritually.” He boldly explained how important taking over Mrs. Flati’s class was by quoting St. John Paul II:

” As Catholic educators, you have accepted a special responsibility given by parents… the Church looks upon you as co-workers, with an important measure of shared responsibility, in helping to fulfill Christ’s mandate.”​

According to Mr. Bravo, “we [he and Mrs. Flati] are always having great conversations; we work extremely well together, and overall it has been such a blessing to be in the classroom with her.” Make no mistake, the sophomores and one class of freshmen are being left in good hands.

When the Royal Reporter got to interview Mrs. Jenkins, she was most excited about having her very first baby. There is no doubt that preparing to have a baby for the first time can be stressful, especially with the added weight of making sure her classes are left in good hands, but Mrs. Jenkins was very confident with having Dr. Langdon take over her classroom.

Dr. Langdon and Mrs. Jenkins are very confident that this semester will be a good one.
Photo By Alicia Ventura

Dr. Langdon, on the other hand, had a very fortunate development in his nervousness for teaching American history. He admits that he was a little bit rusty, but over the Christmas break he got back in the “history groove” and began to remember things such as how many garment workers perished in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. “You know, just your everyday knowledge,” Dr. Langdon added jokingly. He too is finally ready for his own takeover and shows he is more than ready to “communicate to students that history is alive.”

Debasish Mridha once said, “True education comes from a passion for learning.” Rosary Academy was fortunate enough to find two amazing teachers with a fiery passion burning inside of them to educate the future Royal leaders of tomorrow.