Backpack Essentials

Hayley Johnson and Allison Perea

We all find different things in our backpack. Some of us find last week’s rotting banana essential to our everyday lives, while the rest of us hold our $30 highlighters close to our hearts. No matter what you find essential to your everyday life, you can learn a lot about someone by asking them what their backpack essential is. The Royal Reporter conducted some research to learn more about what Royals find necessary in their daily lives.

Maddy Gomez ‘20 carries an absolutely critical — yet far too often forgotten — item in her school bag. “I feel like I always need my earbuds in my backpack,” she shared, “because it’s fun to listen to music when I’m walking to and from class, and sometimes they’re good for an unexpected study hall.” We couldn’t agree more with Maddy, but is it really possible to remember to pack earbuds every single day of the school year? Maddy shares her secret to success with the Royal Reporter: “I just keep my stuff pretty organized.” Amazing. You heard it here, ladies.

Maddy’s earbuds, always ready to be brought to school. Photo by Instructables.

Elleene Kim ‘21, on the other hand, shared her far less conventional backpack essential, Altoids. “I carry Altoids with me everywhere,” she told us excitedly. “For some reason Altoids are just very soothing for like whenever. If you just need a nice pick-me-up, Altoids are great. I probably shouldn’t be snacking on straight mints, but yeah.” While you may not be quite as in love with Altoids as Elleene, they may be your next backpack must-have. 

Ellene’s Altoids. Photo by Pexels.

Lastly, sophomore Grace Horeczko told the Royal Reporter that her backpack essential is her Fozzie Bear stuffed animal. “He brings me comfort when I am super stressed. I like to cuddle him and he always makes me feel better.”  If you don’t carry your favorite stuffed animal in your backpack, then maybe you should try it out and see if it improves your day.

Our backpacks carry things that are absolutely necessary for our lives. Whether it’s a pencil or a stuffed bear, our days wouldn’t go as smoothly without them. Our backpacks are often reflective of the people we are and, in a way, can express more than we outwardly show. Ask your friends what they keep in their backpacks. You never know if you can learn something new about them.