Kiki Busch: Project Runway


Kealey “Kiki” Busch is a junior at Rosary Academy. You might be familiar with her name due to her making her very own Rosary Day dress that she wore during the October ceremony. Obviously, designing and creating a dress from scratch requires mass amounts of skill, time, and effort, and Kiki demonstrates these requirements extremely well throughout all the projects she’s diligently dedicated herself to.

Kiki’s Rosary Day dress that she created and wore in the ring ceremony. Photo by Kiki Busch

It all started when Kiki’s mom taught her how to sew when she was just six years old. Once she got the hang of it, she made a wedding dress for her Barbie doll at the age of seven. She entered it into the OC Fair and took home the first place prize, Kiki relayed: “After that I realized sewing seemed to increase popularity, and I realized that I was something I wanted to continue doing.”

And that she did. Kiki took on a much larger project: sewing her own Rosary Day dress. She also was head costume for Tri-School’s production of The Matchmaker, where she created another masterpiece.

Kiki’s work as head costume in The Matchmaker. Photo by Kiki Busch

Kiki also takes on personal projects, “The coat was a personal project because I always get really cold before practice in the morning and I wanted to stay warm and in style.”

Kiki’s fashionable and functional coat. Photo by Kiki Busch

Kiki has big dreams for her future aspirations. When asked what her plans are after graduation, Kiki enthusiastically replied, “My hopes for the future would be to become a costume designer as a profession and work for either film or stage production. I also want to attend FIDM fashion institute in LA.”

Another personal project that Kiki took on. Photo by Kiki Busch

From dolls to dresses, Kiki’s talent is well versed in all categories. A short term goal of hers is to audition for Project Runway Jr. and she has already started working on her audition video. Kiki is also a head fashion captain for our 50th production of Red and Gold. You can also spot her at this year’s winter formal wearing another hand- made original. She’s got a lot on her pate, but enough talent and determination to handle it all.

Kiki’s original winter formal dress. Photo by Kiki Busch