Students check the clocks when it comes to being home on time. Photo by Geralt

Isabella Tejeda and Maryann Compton

Teenage curfews have been around for longer than anyone can remember. The Royal Reporter asked around Rosary to discover some Royals’ curfew times, and what they thought about it. 

Freshman Tatum Larson explained, “I think kids should and shouldn’t have them depending on whether they are responsible kids. I think the latest they should be out is 2. If they are driving around with their friends past 12 it is honestly not safe and they should be very careful. I don’t have a curfew because I can’t drive, but usually I’ll be home around 10. However, when I do drive, my curfew will be 11. I don’t like my curfew because I wish my parents trusted me more. My mom says it is not safe to be out after 12 because, as most moms say, ‘Nothing good happens after midnight.’”

Sarah Bradford ‘23 explained, “My curfew is around 11. I think curfews can be helpful to an extent, but can also be really annoying. Sometimes when I am out with my friends, we are having fun without worrying about the time. I often get in trouble when I don’t uphold my curfew, but I realize that it does help me stay organized and maintain a good sleep schedule for sports and school.”

Junior Mercedes Estrada also expresses, “I don’t mind curfews. Because my parents are so understanding, I think its only fair to follow their curfews. Usually it’s 10:30, but as long as I call and keep in contact with them, I don’t get in trouble for being a few minutes late.”

Mercedes Estrada ’21 back at home before her curfew. Photo by Juliana Maldonado















Freshman Amber Lizardi’s opinion is, “Curfews during school/week days are reasonable. Weekends are a time for relaxation and fun with friends and family, so I feel that there is no need for a curfew. I don’t really have a curfew because I have dance usually for 4-5 hours every day after school. My rehearsal ends at 9 every day, so I usually go to bed at 10:30 by the time I finish homework and get ready for bed.”

Junior Sofia Thomas tells the Royal Reporter, “I think curfews are a must-have, because then people can’t do whatever they want. It creates responsibility as they grow up. While I believe curfews are important, at times they can be a little controlling. If their parents believe they are mature enough to be out later than usual, then the parents should be lenient on the curfew.”

Senior Isabella Pasino explained, “My parents are very chill when it comes to my curfew. They know I am responsible and as long as I communicate what I am doing, they are okay with me being late. Plus my parents can track my location, so the trust between us is very high.”

Sofia Pasino ’22 in bed one minute before her curfew. Photo by Isabella Pasino















In all the recent years, parents are installing location tracking apps, which definitely help students be able to have lenient curfews. The infamous Life360 is an app that not only tracks your location, but can report back what speed you are driving, as well as if you are using you phone during a drive. With the help of this app, parents are trusting their children more, and extending their curfews. Let us know down below in our poll, what your curfew is.

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