Seniors: What’s Next?


Photo provided by Asia Avenger

Asia Avinger Committed Photo provided by asiaavinger2

Kate Noden and Grace Battaglia

In 126 short days, our seniors will walk the halls of the Academy for the last time and throw their caps into the air. They will be graduating from Rosary and will only be able to take with them the memories they have made.

We still have four months until official college decision day approaches, but many seniors already have a plan for their future.

So far, five seniors have committed to colleges for different sports. Basketball star Asia Avinger ’20 will be attending San Diego State to continue her education and passion. Alongside with her on the court, Nicole Rodriguez ’20 is continuing her education and basketball career at Loyola Marymount University.

Senior Bryn Boznanski who excels not only in basketball, but also in volleyball and softball, will be attending University of Notre Dame. Emma Goggins ’20 announced she plans to follow her talent in soccer at Boston College. Similar to Senior Sophia Lambros who is also going to Boston College to play Division 1 volleyball.

Asia Avinger Committed
Photo provided by asiaavinger2

Senior Daniela Moran, who stated “sports aren’t my thing,” is excited to pursue a future in kinesiology. She plans to continue her education at Chapman University.

Things haven’t been smooth sailing for all the seniors, Melina Alsworth ’20 had a dream to go to Pepperdine University, but her application got deferred, and it was not easy. She stated, ” It was really hard to hear that after working so hard on my application. I now realize that everything happens for a reason and I am totally not super insanely stressed about what to do now.”

Haley Haroutoonian ’20 has announced her college of choice as Texas Christian University; she is excited to attend her dream school and spend more time with her sister. Senior Class President Berna Hattouni has narrowed down her top 3 schools: She still hasn’t made an official decision, but her options are USC, LMU, and UCSB.

Haley Haroutoonian smiling on her decision post from Instagram.  Photo provided by Haley Hartoonian

There are many stressed seniors who have not made a final decision yet. Their last semester can be tough, yet the seniors have to keep their heads up. Alumna Maya Gonzales, who attends UCSC, stated, ” I will never forget the memories I made with my best friends senior year. I would tell the seniors now to just enjoy it–you are going to end up where you are meant to be, so just have a great time this semester.”

Alumnae Maya Gonzales smiling on her decision post
Photo provided by Maya Reilly