Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Movie Review


Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer


On December 20th, 2019, the long awaited Star Wars: The Return of Skywalker (TROS), the last movie of the new star wars trilogy, was released, leaving many confused, upset, and depressed. Director J.J. Abrams took some interesting turns, which caused the Internet to blow up with memes, twitter fights, and tik toks about Kylo Ren. Because of TROS’s controversy, the Royal Reporter decided to see what Royal Star Wars fans thought about the new movie.

The amazing Adam Driver at the movie premier . Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Serena Park ’21 is one of the many Star Wars fans here at Rosary. While Serena enjoyed the cinematography, she was disappointed by the plot. “I love Reylo, but the Reylo kiss was too sudden and there wasn’t enough buildup of an emotional connection in a romantic way,” she stated. Kylo Ren’s death also made Serena extremely upset. “Why put him through all that character development and growth to have him die? It all went to waste,” she angrily stated. Serena absolutely loves Adam Driver, and she believes that he played the role of Kylo Ren perfectly. But sadly, there will be no more Adam Driver in the upcoming Star Wars movies.

Unlike most of the Star Wars fans, junior Sandra Ragle enjoyed TROS because of the intense action shots and entertaining qualities. “I thought it ended the trilogy nicely,” she exclaimed. Her favorite part of the movie was Kylo Ren’s development and redemption. But like Serena, Sandra is upset that J.J. Abrams decided to kill Kylo Ren off.

Riley Hawkins crying over the loss of Kylo Ren. Photo by Riley Hawkins.

Senior Riley Hawkins also indulged in seeing TROS, and she loved it. “I didn’t understand what was going on the whole movie, but it was so good. I cried the entire last 45 minutes,” she exclaimed. Riley’s favorite character was Kylo Ren, of course, and she also loved his redemption arc. Her favorite scene in the movie was when Han Solo returned to persuade Kylo Ren/Ben Solo to return to the light side. Despite not understanding the movie, Riley definitely recommends this movie.

Kylo Ren before he returns to the light side. Photo by Isabel Alderete ’21.

Overall, Royal students had mixed emotions about TROS. While some loved the entire movie, others had mixed emotions about the plot. But it’s easy enough to say that everyone was pretty crushed over Kylo Ren’s death. If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the Royal Reporter definitely recommends it.