The Fantasticks: Auditions and Callbacks


Allison Perea, Staff Writer

Tri-School Theatre is gearing up for a great year full of music. The spring musical, The Fantasticks, is already making headway by starting off with auditions and callbacks on January 7th and 8th. Everyone showed up to the theater at Servite ready to show off their talents.

Nerves filled the Tri-School Theatre studio, where all of the auditionees were waiting for their number to be called. Voices could be heard from all around Servite as students practiced their songs outside of the theater. “I felt prepared to sing my song and perform my monologue, but I was nervous that I would mess up,” said Anna DiCrisi ‘22. “After it was over, I was very happy with what I put out there.”

Anna DiCrisi performing for the panel at callbacks. Photo by Gabriella Mercado.

The auditions consisted of a song from a musical that was written before 1960 and one of the monologues that were provided in the audition packet. “I performed Luisa’s monologue. It was difficult at first because the words are very confusing, but it is a super fun monologue and I’m excited to perform it in the show,” explained senior Maddy Gomez, who was just double-cast as Luisa with Hayley Johnson ’20.

Some Servite boys performing a scene. Photo by Gabriella Mercado.

On January 8th, everyone came back to Servite for the callbacks. They were asked to prepare some scenes and songs from the show. One of the scenes required a character, Mortimer, to prepare a dramatic death. Everyone who performed it made all of the auditionees sitting in the audience fall out of their seats. Taylor Bastidas ‘21 wowed everyone with her mime of a rock hitting her in the head. Servite junior Ryan Bass got up there and mimed being poisoned. Go see the Fantasticks if you want to see Ryan die dramatically.

Taylor Bastidas after her dramatic death. Photo by Allison Perea.

Congratulations to everyone in the cast! If you see your friends on this list, make sure you give them a high five!

Luisa: (RED CAST) Madisen Gomez ‘20 (BLUE CAST) Hayley Johnson ‘20

Hucklebee: (RED CAST) Josh van Veggel ‘20 (S) (BLUE CAST) Allison Perea ‘20

Bellamy: (RED CAST) Luke Mendoza ‘20 (S)  (BLUE CAST) Giovanna Watson ‘22

Henry: (RED CAST) Maeve McNaughton ‘21 (C) (BLUE CAST) David Graham ‘22 (S)

Mortimer: Ryan Bass ‘21 (S)

The Company:

Taylor Bastidas ‘21, Morgan Brkich ‘23, Alexandra Bohn ‘23, Dorothy Castellana ‘22,   Isabella Cruz ‘23, Isabella Dascanio ‘23, Anna DiCrisi ‘22, Jared Dinsay ‘20 (S), Alicia Dofelmier ‘22 (C), Sarah Gapinski ‘20, Karissa Garcia ‘23 (C), Julia Herman ‘22,  Grace Horeczko ‘22, Raneem Iftekhar ‘23 (S), Michael Krager ‘20 (S), Danielle Rodriguez ‘22, Cadiz Salazar ‘22, Bridgette Sanders ‘23, Katie Thomas ‘22, Layla Valenzuela ‘22,  Lindsay Wippler ‘23 (C)

The Fantasticks is shaping up to be an amazing show. Rehearsals begin very soon and the show will be here before you know it. You can get tickets now on the Tri-School Theatre website. Go support this amazing cast!