Royal Sports Update


Basketball, Soccerball, Water Polo ball. Photo by Maryann Compton

Maryann Compton, Staff Editor

Local Orange County high schools have entered the sports winter season. These sports include basketball, soccer and water polo. The Royal Reporter did a deep dive into each sport, gaining insight from team members about their season.

To start off, basketball’s current record is 13-8. Their most current game was against JSerra, whom they beat 55-52. But their current achievement is their game against Mater Dei. Our Royals broke Mater Dei’s 90-game winning streak in the Trinity League, which dates all the way back to 2007 and 2008. Caylee Santos ’20 told the Royal Reporter her immediate feelings after the timer ran out: “It felt good to beat a team that was more well know for their sports. Seeing my team on the court not only inspired me but our entire team to work towards continuing our winning streak.”

Our basketball seniors with the coaches. Photo provided by Caylee Santos










The Royal Reporter also went and asked girls on the team, their own personal goals, and their thoughts on how the season is going.

Kaylee Byon ’22 tells the Royal Reporter, “One of my personal goals is to contribute lots to my team and help my teammates grow. I also want to learn and grow as a leader or teacher on the court. So far, I believe we’re doing pretty great as we have beat a lot of top teams. We’ve grown both individually and as a team throughout this season.”

In addition, Kaylani Barker ’22 explains, “A goal our team has set includes going far in playoffs and hopefully to win open division. A goal I have personally made though is to be more confident on the court. Regarding how season is going, we’ve definitely grown together as a team and have better chemistry now.”

Much like basketball, soccer has also beat a very good team. In a match between JSerra, the score was 2-1.  However, due to some unfortunate actions, the referee called a coach misconduct against JSerra, resulting in an automatic win for Rosary. The soccer team was thrilled.

The varsity soccer team together. Photo provided by Camille Aquino.












Senior Camille Aquino told the Royal Reporter, “A personal goal I have for myself is to do the best that I possibly can and to work my hardest every time I step into the field. Our team is doing a lot better than I expected. Our effort is there, and when we all put our 100% into the game, we can be successful.”

Soccer’s current record is 1-1, with a beat against JSerra and a loss against Mater Dei.

Last but not least, our water polo team’s record is 12-1. Their most recent game was against Dana Hills last Thursday, which they won 13-8.

Our Royal water polo girls posing in the pool. Photo provided by Nikki Culver.












Nikki Culver ’21 told the Royal Reporter, “It is a goal of mine to show up to every game, and play to my full potential for my team. We are fighting everyday to be our best in and out of the pool, and I think I can say we are doing a great job at it. I expect a long uphill battle in the future that we will get through. ”

Alexys Puche 21′ explains, “A goal I have for my team is to never give up, and to really push each other to do our best.”

In addition, water polo coach Mr. Bevins summed up their goals as, “Not living in the past but focusing on the future.” Amelia Gonzalez ’20 elaborates by explaining, “If we mess up, we want to move forward instead of dwelling on our mistakes to ensure our success in the future.”

If you haven’t already, be sure to come support our Royals. Soccer’s next game is on Tuesday, the 14th at 3:15 at Fullerton College against Santa Margarita. Basketball also has a game tomorrow at 7 against Santa Margarita at Rosary Academy. In addition, water polo’s next game is tomorrow at 4 at Mater Dei. Come out and support!